VOLUME III, NUMBER 2  (May 1986)



Condensed from various articles from

The Manchester Journal in 1908 & 1909

By Orrin Manifold


Perhaps North Manchester never did pose a serious threat for Detroit, but it did have an early automobile factory.  In 1909 a new factory here began manufacture of the DeWitt auto buggies, named for the owner and operator of the Factory.


The year before, committees of local leaders were hard at work in a campaign to raise the money to attract the factory.  At length on July 5, 1908, the North Manchester Industrial Association signed a contract with V. L. DeWitt.  It provided that the Association would turn over to Mr. DeWitt what was then known as the Eagle lot, lying west of the Big Four tracks, south of Main Street.  In addition to this land, valued at $600, the Association would pay him $1,500.  Mr. DeWitt would erect a building of brick or cement blocks, not less than 35 feet by 125 feet, and two stories high.


Mr. DeWitt had been driving an auto buggy, of the style he proposed to manufacture, about the streets of North Manchester.  It must have been manufactured by the W. H. Kiblinger Company at Auburn.  About this time the Auburn firm signed a contract with representatives of some business firms to supply them with almost a million dollars worth of auto buggies.  A million dollars was a lot of money in those days.


At the time of the North Manchester agreement the site for the new factory was occupied by Fred Horne’s machine shop.  His lease expired at this time, and the Association agreed to move his shop to another lot, which he might select.  He selected a spot on the north side of Main Street east of Metzger’s Blacksmith Shop, and by the end of the month work began on the new DeWitt factory. 


The factory was built of cement blocks held together with white mortar, which the North Manchester Journal said made a pretty appearance.  Every ten feet there were pilasters and, between each of these, large windows to provide ample light inside.  Instead of the roof sloping to the edge, it was in the then popular style of sloping to the center of the building, making a gutter in the middle of the roof.  A large engine room and blacksmith shop, one story high, was added to the back of the building.


The Journal reported that there was generally more excitement elsewhere about North Manchester’s landing of the factory than at home.  For it was known that it had connections with the Auburn factory, which was having more work than it could handle.


The first automobile was completed in early April.  It was red.  The top, storm front, and upholstering all harmonized nicely with the color.  The Journal declared that it was “easily the prettiest of the buggy machines ever seen hereabouts.”  Perhaps the most attractive part was that it was all made in North Manchester.


Within less than a month from the production of the first machine there was a strike in the factory.  Irvin Kessler, a young man in the factory who tested the machines, had run one to Huntington in fifty minutes, which Mr. DeWitt had told him not to do, and had burned out the new bearings; and the machine had to be rebuilt.  Later Mr. DeWitt told Kessler to wire two more machines and he himself would test them.  Instead the young man wired one and took it out to test it himself.  So Mr. DeWitt fired him.  About a dozen of the machinists, reportedly without checking details, walked out, and the next day they left town.  But within a month of less time a full force of men was again at work, and automobiles were being turned out at the rate of four a week, and sold as fast as they were made—most of them elsewhere than North Manchester.


About this time—in May 1909—the automobile owners of North Manchester met at the Olinger & Warvel garage and organized a club “for the mutual pleasure and protection of the members.”  Apparently there was a good bit of tension between those who owned autos and those who did not, especially some of the farmers.  The club had the dual purposes of insisting that its members be respectful of the rights of others on the roads but also of educating non-owners to be respectful of the rights of auto owners.


Auto owners in the North Manchester vicinity included V. L. DeWitt, Dr. D. Ginther, George Burdge, Dr. G. L. Shoemaker, John Isenbarger, Olinger & Warvel, A. G. Lautzenhiser, Fletcher Kroft, Dr. W. H. Shaffer, J. B. Peabody, Allen Heck, A. E. Naber, Harmon Naber, Jacob Wolfe, Dr. L. H. Tennant, Thomas Berry, Dr. Z. M. Beaman, Ed Rittenhouse, Dr. J. L. Warvel, Tom Pinney, Aaron Ulrey, Logan Ulrey, John Snyder, Melvin Haines, Dr. F. S. Kitson, H. Kinsey, Oliver Fox, and Jordan Rhodes.


The Journal carried a large ad reading:




The Dewitt Motor Buggy will come nearer giving you service every day in the year than any other motor vehicle on the market.  Its engines are air-cooled—no water to freeze and burst engine jackets.  The wheels are high and strong, traveling easily over rough roads.  Large cushion tires are used that are puncture proof.  The finish in every respect is the best attainable.  Upholstering and trimming is equal to that used in cars costing three or four thousand dollars.  Nothing but the best material is used in the construction of these machines, and the company stands back of its every machine and statement.


You are invited to go to the factory and see how they are made.  You will be given every attention and full information.


There is nothing cheap about the car but the price.  If you can use one, now is the time to get it.  The DeWitt car is a winter machine as well as a summer one.  It is the machine for the man who wants service.  Let us show you why.


North Manchester, Indiana

Factory Near Big Four Station


Only a few vehicles were constructed before a fire wrecked the building and the business was closed out.  The second story was removed and the Baldwin Handle Factory and a sawmill occupied the building.  Further remodeling made it the site of Kenton Priser’s Chrysler Products Agency.  By 1976 Russell Egolf was making a replica of the original DeWitt auto buggy there.  Extensively renovated, the building is now the home of Kirti Shah’s Custom Magnetics, Inc.





A long time goal of the Historical Society is nearing fulfillment with the work almost completed on the Halderman/Holderman Cemetery site on North Market Street.


The cemetery was established by Allen Halderman in the early years of North Manchester.  Between 1838 and 1909, 375 people were buried there.  Many of these were children and young adults, reminding us of the high mortality rate in the time before modern medicines.


The Halderman family continued to hold title to the ground until 1940, when they deeded it to the town of North Manchester for a park, with provision that the tombstones and bodies should be moved to Oaklawn Cemetery.  It was the plan that this would be done with WPA funds and labor; but the federal government would not approve use of WPA labor for the project because it was a private cemetery.  So nothing was done.


As the years went by, many of the tombstones fell or were pushed over.  Some were taken away by relatives, and some were taken for doorsteps and driveways.  Several eventually were stacked in the northeast corner of the plot.


As the plan for some action developed, a two-year project searching through the obituary columns of old newspapers was undertaken by the Historical Society to recover the names of those thought to be buried in this pioneer cemetery.  Several members of the Historical Society helped to move most of the remaining gravestones to the town water plant lot.  All of the legible inscriptions were copied, and the best-preserved stones were selected to be incorporated into the planned memorial.


The memorial is of red-orange brick to match some of the older brick elsewhere in North Manchester.  It is a rectangular structure, without roof, with walls sixteen inches thick.  The south and west walls, intended as the front, are only two feet high, and each has a wide break so spectators can walk inside.


The north and east walls are more than eight feet high.  Thirty tombstones—the most legible ones still preserved—are built into these two walls, some on the inside, and some on the outside.  Six anodized aluminum pewter plaques containing the names of those buried there will be mounted on the inside of the east wall.


Many of the stones carry the names of persons who died in infancy and childhood.  There are also stones of those who died in youth and in young adulthood, particularly women in the latter group.  Also 29 veterans from the War of 1812, Mexican-American and Civil Wars have been laid to rest there.


A few more of the best preserved tombstones, perhaps eight, will be placed on the ground inside the memorial, as they might be standing in a cemetery.  A brick walk, flowerbeds, and dwarf trees are planned to complete the project.


The project is being sponsored by and paid for by private donations from the North Manchester Historical Society, the Jaycees, and through federal revenue sharing funds given by the Town Board.  Funds are still needed for landscaping.


The North Manchester Parks and Recreation Department will be responsible for the care taking of the monument and the Holderman Park Donation Fund has been set up to accept monies for landscaping, maintenance, and future development of the park.


Plans are now underway for a dedication of the project in conjunction with the town’s sesquicentennial celebration.  This dedication is presently scheduled during Fun Fest in August.  Families and descendants of these early pioneers buried in Holderman Cemetery are invited and encouraged to take part in the dedication.  Inquiries may be made through the Clerk’s Office, 103 E. Main Street, 982-6536.


Donations to the project should be mailed in care of the Parks & Recreation Department, 902 N. Market Street, North Manchester, Indiana, 46962, and made payable to the Holderman Park Donation Fund.


The following is the information as it appears on the six plaques:




This is the original Town cemetery founded between 1838 and 1840.  Allen Halderman, his wife, Jane, and their children came to North Manchester in 1838.  One of their children, a daughter, died and there being no cemetery, Mr. Halderman set aside a tract of land to be used for this purpose.  The Town was not incorporated and Mr. Halderman retained the title to the land, but people were permitted to select and use burial plots without charge.  This created neglect in later years because descendants moved away and no governing agency had any authority to compel proper care.  In 1955, the stones were removed because of the state of disrepair of the cemetery.  Unfortunately, no official record of all the burials was ever made.  The following list represents, to the best of our knowledge, the most complete record ever compiled.


This list was made possible by the tireless efforts of the North Manchester Historical Society and the Town of North Manchester.  A complete list containing additional statistical information may be seen at the North Manchester Public Library or the Office of the Clerk-Treasurer.


            d.         Died                                                                *          Stone moved to

                                                                                                X         No stone found

            c/o       Child of                                                         Vet        Veteran

            d/o       Daughter of                                                    

            w/o      Wife of                                                        Italic       Stone found in




ALEXANDER, Robert                                                                                        d.  Jan. 08, 1881  *   Oaklawn

ANDREWS, Ellen L.                                           d/o M & M Andrews                           d.  Jun. 16, 1863  *   Oaklawn

ANDREWS, George W.                      s/o Miletus & Mary                             d.  Feb. 07, 1850  *   Oaklawn

ANSTOT, __________                      c/o Sam                                 d.  Jan.      , 1873  X

APLETON, Bireie Myrtle                                                                                   d.  Aug. 24, 1865 X

ARGERBRIGHT, Emma Dell          d/o J A & Amelia                 d.  Jul. 11, 1875    *   Oaklawn

AUGHINBAUGH, __________        w/o H Aughinbaugh                           d.  Apr. 07, 1869

BALINGER, __________                 ?/O John Balinger                                d.  Aug. 02, 1881 X

BALLENGER, Robert                        s/o J A & M C                                       d.  Feb. 26, 1877  *   Oaklawn

BANNING, Margaret                                          d/o J & D Banning                              d.  Dec. 23, 1851

BASH, Charlie W.                                               s/o W F & E R Bash                            d. Sep. 16, 1874   *   Oaklawn

BASH, Willie H.                                   s/o W F & E R Bash                            d.  Sep. 21, 1874  *   Oaklawn

BENGE, Nancy                                    w/o Thomas Benge                              d.  Apr. 18, 1864

BENGE, Thomas                                                                                                                                      Vet X

BENHAM, William                                                                                                             d.  Jul.      , 1873   X

BLOCKSON, William                                         s/o M N & E Blockson                        d.  Feb. 11, 1866 

BOND, Lavina (Halderman)                             w/o Milton Bond                 d.  Jan. 24, 1879  *   Oaklawn

BOND, Milton                                                                                                      d.  Jul. 20, 1872    *   Oaklawn

BONEWITZ, Arden A.                       s/o J N & S Bonewitz                          d.  Oct. 29, 1870  *   Oaklawn

BONEWITZ, Elsworth C.                   s/o E S & M E                                       d.  Aug. 14, 1875 *   Oaklawn

BONEWITZ, Mary                                                                                                             d.  Apr. 26, 1871  *   Oaklawn

BOOK, __________                                          c/o Adam Book                   d.  Jul.      , 1874   X

BROWN, Jonny                                   s/o E W & A Brown                             d.  Feb. 19, 18(73)               *   Oaklawn

BUTLER, Nancy                                                                                                 d.  Dec. 28, 1872  X

BURDGE, Milton                                                s/o J M & C Burdge                             d.  Jan. 25, 1872  *   Oaklawn

BURKET, Michael                                                                                                              d.  Mar. 02, 1892 X

BUSSARD, James B.                                          s/o w & E Bussard                               d.  Apr. 27, 1858  *   Oaklawn

BUSSARD, Wesley                                                                                                             d.  Oct. 02, 1876  *   Oaklawn

CAMPBELL, Archibald                                                                                      d.  Nov. 22, 1898

CAMPBELL, Rebecca                                                                                                         d.  Dec. 09, 1890 

CARNEY, E.                                                                                                                         d.  Aug.     , 1873  X

CARR, John                                                                                                                          d.  Mar. 01, 1853

CHAFFIN, Mary                                 w/o John G. Chaffin                           d.                 1860  *   Fairview

CHURCH, Enos                                  s/o E P & E A Church                         d.  Dec. 02, 1860  *   Oaklawn

CHURCHILL, Jane                                            w/o James Churchill                            d.  Jun. 30, 1878  *   Oaklawn

CLARK, Asbury                                                                                                  d.  Jan. 17, 1863  *   Fairview

CLAYPOOL, Lily E.                                                                                                            d.  Jun. 16, 1879  X

CLAYPOOL, __________                                c/o Henry Claypool                            d.  Apr. 12, 1887  X

CLOI(Y)D, Emma                                                                                                               d.  Aug. 17, 1871 *   Oaklawn

COBLE, Mary                                                       d/o C H & M Coble                             d.  Sep. 05, 1865

COGEN, Rolen                                                                                                     d.  Oct. 24, 1881

CONNER, Fanney                                               w/o Adam Conner                               d.  Nov. 23, 1854

COOK, Charles                                    s/o J M & E J Cook                             d.  Dec. 02, 1865  *   Oaklawn

COWGILL, Alfred C.                                                                                                          d.  Dec. 29, 1852  *   Oaklawn

COWGILL, Amos                                                                                                               d.  Nov. 02, 1856 *   Oaklawn

COWGILL, Benjamin W.                  s/o B W & E Cowgill                           d.  Dec. 22, 1852  *   Oaklawn

COWGILL, Catharine                                        w/o John A. Cowgill                            d.  May 07, 1863 *   Oaklawn

COWGILL, Margaret                                                                                                         d.  Jan 09, 1853   *   Oaklawn

COWGILL, Maris M.                                                                                                          d.  Feb 26, 1854   *   Oaklawn

COWGILL, Mary E.                                           w/o N C Cowgill                   d.  Dec. 15, 1854  *   Oaklawn

COWGILL, Mary E.                                           d/o B W & E Cowgill                           d.  Nov. 13, 1866 *   Oaklawn

COWGILL, Tobitha J.                        d/o J L & C Cowgill                             d.  Feb. 18, 1864  *   Oaklawn

COWGILL, William M.                      s/o B W & E Cowgill                           d.  Feb. 17, 1855  *   Oaklawn

DAILY, J. H.                                                                                                                         d.                                 Vet  X

DAILY, Jones R.                                  s/o W F Daily                                        d.  Jun. 28, 1873  X

DAILY, William F.                                                                                                               d.  Jun. 15, 1880  Vet

DORSEY, Eli                                                                                                                         d.  Jan. 24, 1870  Vet

DORSEY, Jane                                     w/o Eli Dorsey                                     d.  Mar. 41, 1861

EAGLE, Ellen Maria                                           d/o E M & Susan H                             d.  Aug. 15, 1862 *   Oaklawn

EBBINGHOUSE, Frederick A.                                                                          d.                 1866  *   Oaklawn

ECKMAN, George                                              s/o Noah & Nancy                              d.  Mar. 04, 1862  Vet X

ECKMAN, Infant                                 d/o G W & N T Eckman      d.  Mar. 20, 1850

EGNER, Cynthia A.                                             w/o Thomas Egner                              d.  Oct. 24, 1860

EGNER, Elliott                                                                                                     d.  Oct. 24, 1860  X

EGNER, Martha                                  w/o J Egner                                          d.  May 26, 1865

EGNER, Mary C.                                 d/o J & M Egner                  d.  Sep. 02, 1853

EGNER, Rebecca                                 w/o Thomas Egner                              d.  Oct. 02, 1855

EGNER, Infant                                     d/o C W & N T Eckner        d.  Mar. 20, 1850

EICHHOLTZ, George                        s/o J f & A Eichholtz                           d.  Jun. 03, 1863  *   Oaklawn

ELLIOTT, Francis M.                                         s/o J H & L J Elliot                               d.  Sep. 23, 1872  *   Oaklawn

ELLIOTT, Hiram                                                                                                  d.  Aug. 10, 1855

ELLWOOD, Clinton                                            s/o J C & E Ellwood                            d.  Aug. 05, 1873 *   Oaklawn

ENYART, Infant                                   s/o M Lew & Sophia                           d.  Mar. 23, 1869

FA_____, Eliza                                    d/o S A Fa_____                 d.  May 1(4), 1862

FELTERS, Adeline                                                                                                              d.  Jan. 06, 1873  X

FOSTER, Mary                                    w/o Henry Foster                 d.  Oct. 09, 1865  X

FOSTER, Robert Anderson                               s/o H Foster                                          d.  Aug. 23, 1862 X

FOWLER, Minerva Letitie                 w/o W D Fowler                   d.  Oct. 09, 1878  X

FRAME, Asenath                                                                                                                d.  Jan.      , 1873  X

FRAME, James                                                                                                     d.  Aug. 04, 1855

FRAME, Lydia A.                                 w/o Wm. Frame                    d.  Jan. 01, 1855

FRAME, Mahlon C.                                            s/o M C & Ferahy                                d.  Sep. 2(0), 185(6)

FRAME, Mahlon C.                                                                                                            d.  Jan. 01, 1851  X

FRAME, William H.                                            s/o Mahlon Frame                               d.               1861

FREDRICK, Elizabeth                        w/o John Fredrick                               d.  Oct. 13, 1866

FREDRICK, Susanna                                         w/o John Fredrick                               d.  Sep. 5, 1854

FUDGER, Charles                                                                                                               d.  Apr. 27, 1853

GARWOOD, Dialma                                            s/o M & S Garwood                            d.  Jul. 31, 1852

GIEK, Charles P.                                 s/o M & H E Giek                 d.  Sep. 12, 1880

GIEK, Ithiel                                                          s/o M & M Giek                    d.  Sep. 28, 1869  *   Oaklawn

GIEK, John G.                                                      s/o J (H) & S M Giek                           d.

GIEK, Ten_____                                                                                                  d.  May 21, 186(2)

GIEK, William Noah                                          d/o M & H E Giek                               d.  Dec. 01, 1881  X

GU(O)MERY, Thomas                                                                                       d.  Aug. 27, 1873 Vet          X

HAYES, Emmett E.                                            s/o J E & M J Hayes                            d.  Oct. 14, 1863  *   Oaklawn

HAYES, James H.                                               s/o J E & M J Hayes                            d.  Oct. 27, 1840  *   Oaklawn

HAYES, John M.                                 s/o J E & M J Hayes                            d.  Oct. 21, 1856  *   Oaklawn

HECKATHORN, Alfred                    s/o Martin & Sarah                             d.  Apr. 22, 1863  *   Oaklawn

HECKATHORN, Mary Ellen                            d/o Martin & Sarah                             d.  Jun. 02, 1863  *   Oaklawn

HECKATHORN, Roseta                   d/o Martin & Sarah                             d.  Apr. 23, 1879  *   Oaklawn

HECKATHORN, Warren                  s/o Martin & Sarah                             d.  Mar. 06, 1862 *   Oaklawn

HEETER, Lydia A.                                               d/o S   & L D Heeter                            d.  Apr. 06, 1864 

HEETER, Lydia D.                                               w/o Samuel Heeter                              d.  Apr. 01, 1864

HELVEY, Isabella                                                w/o Robert Helvey                               d.  Mar. 12, 1863

HELVEY, Richard                                                                                                              d.                 1850

HENRY, Catherine                                              w/o Jacob Henry                 d.  Oct. 31, 1867

HOKE (HOCK), Albert W.                                                                                                d.  Apr. 04, 1864  Vet          X

HOLDERMAN, Allen                                                                                         d.  Prior to 1844   X

HOLDERMAN, Edmund                   s/o Allen & Jane                   d.                                             X

HOLDERMAN, Henry A.                                                                                  d.  Jan.      , 1885  *   Oaklawn

HOLDERMAN, Jane                                          w/o Allen Holderman                         d.  Jan. 20, 1863  X

HOLDERMAN, __________                           d/o Allen & Jane                  d.  prior to 1840   X

HOLMAN, Charles F.                                         s/o O B & E Holman                           d.  Jan. 06, 1849

HONEOUS, Charles (M)                    s/o ____ & ____ Honeous                 d.  May 20, 1862

HONEUS, Peter                                                                                                   d.  Jul. 17, 1857

HONEOUS, William                                                                                                            d.  Oct. 08, 1863

HORNADAY, __________                              D/O S C & S Hornaday      d.

HUDSON, Jacob J.                                                                                                              d.  Feb. 10, 1886

HUFFMAN, Surviah S.                       w/o A W Huffman                              d.  Jan. 05, 1860  *   Oaklawn

HUSSEY, D. M.                                     s/o W H & M J Hussey        d.  Apr. 11, 1875

HUSSEY, Infant                                  s/o W H & M J Hussey       d.  Sep. 02, 1876  X

JOHNSON, Frankie                                             s/o O D & E Johnson                           d.  Nov. 25, 1869 *   Oaklawn

JOHNSON, Jennie                                               d/o C D & E Johnson                          d.  May 02, 1873 *   Oaklawn

JONES, Charles                                                                                                    d.                                 Vet  X

JONES, C. B.                                                                                                                        d.                                 Vet      X

KEELING, Polly                                  w/o Leonard Keeling                          d.  Oct. 30, 1870

KEESEY, Mary R.                                              w/o John                                                d.  Oct. 25, 1872  *   Oaklawn

KEESLEY, Mary E.                                            d/o W D & C Keesley                         d.  Apr. 16, 1875  *   Oaklawn

KELLER, Mary J.                                               w/o Ephraim Keller                             d.  Oct. 12, 1879  X

KESTER, Martha Jane                       w/o W S Kester                     d.  May 24, 1859

KIRCHER, Maria                                               w/o M Kircher                                      d.  Mar. 23, 1856 *   Oaklawn

KING, Maria                                                        w/o G King                                           d.  Aug. 17, 1871

KITCHEN, Emma                                 d/o W & E Kitchen                              d.  Jul. 19, 1852

KNOOP, Michael                                                                                                 d.  Dec. 15,1869   *   Oaklawn

KOONS, Catherine                                              w/o N S Mauer                     d.  Feb. 11, 1892  X

KRICHBAUM, Elizabeth                    d/o George & Elizabeth     d.  Oct. 17, 1845

KRICHBAUM, George                                                                                        d.  Feb. 21, 1869

KRICHBAUM, Infant                                          d/o M & R Krichbaum                        d.  Mar. 11, 187?

KUHNLE, Jacob F.                                                                                                             d.  Jun. 30, 1861

KUHNLE, Salome                                w/o J F Kuhnle                                    d.  Feb. 08, 1851

LANTZ, Anna                                      d/o H & C Lantz                                  d.  Apr. 23, 1852  *   Oaklawn

LANTZ, Henry                                                                                                     d.  Nov. 17, 1865 *   Oaklawn

LANTZ, Mary M.                                d/o H & C Lantz                                  d.  Aug. 30, 1847 *   Oaklawn

LAVEY, Charles B.                              s/o J & E Lavey                                    d.  Feb. 02, 1877

LAVEY, John                                       s/o W & S Lavey                                 d.                                             X

LAVEY, Joseph                                                                                                   d.  Feb. 25, 1879  X

LAVEY, Sarah                                      w/o William Lavey                                              d.  Oct. 27, 1871

LAVEY, William                                                                                                   d.  Aug. 06, 1869

LAVEY, William                                                                                                  d.  Oct. 27, 1871  X

LAUTZENHISER, Emeline d/o J K Lautzenhiser                                           d.

LAUTZENHISER, Emeline               d/o Elias & Mary Seitner                    d.                                             X

LAUTZENHISER, Franklin                s/o E & M Lautzenhiser                      d.  Sep. 19, 1865

LAUTZENHISER, ______               d/o K & C Lautzenhiser                     d.  Feb. 27, 1864

LAWRENCE, Elizabeth                                                                                     d.  May 31, 1855 *   Oaklawn

LAYTON, Hugh Arthur      s/o J T & T Layton                                              d.  Jan. 31, 1877  *   Oaklawn

LEONARD, Samuel                                                                                                             d.  May 27, 1851  Vet

LINDSEY, William                                                                                                               d.  Nov. 15, 1860

LOWMAN, Sarah J.                             w/o John C. Lowman                                          d.  May 14, 1853

LUTZ, Malinda                    w/o Daniel Lutz                                   d.  Jan. 27, 1875  *  Oaklawn

LUTZ, T. I.                                            s/o D & M Lutz                                    d.  Aug. 14, 1852 *  Oaklawn

LUTZ, Infant                                       s/o D & M Lutz                                    d.  Nov. 10, 1853 *  Oaklawn

LUTZ, Infant                                       s/o D & M Lutz                                    d.  Aug. 05, 1857 *  Oaklawn

MARSHALL, Elizabeth                                                                                     d.  Feb. 22, 1870  *  Oddfellow/


MARSHALL,  Joseph C.                                                                                      d.  Jul. 21, 1864

MARSHALL, Phoebe J.       w/o J C Marshall                                 d.  Dec. 01, 1867

MARSHALL, Riley                                                                                                             d.  Mar. 02, 1864 *  Oddfellow/


MARSHALL, Susan Elizabeth  d/o D M & M A                                              d.  Apr. 02, 1853

MARTIN, John A.                                                                                                               d.  Dec. 15, 1862  Vet X

MARTIN, JOHN                                                                                                  d.  Jul. 01, 1863    Vet X

MARTIN, Matilda                                d/o S & I Martin                                  d.  Mar. 16, 1846

MARTIN, Sarah                   w/o Jacob Martin                                                d.  Feb. 08, 1853

MARTIN, __________       d/o John A & Avianta                                         d.  Aug. 21, 1861

McFANN, Grayzilla                            d/o A B & A A McFann                     d.  Oct. 05, 1871  *  Oaklawn

McFANN, Minnie                                d/o A B & A A McFann                     d. Feb. 03, 1864   *  Oaklawn

McFARLAND, Harriet O.   d/o N & E McFarland                                        d.  Jun. 27, 1848

McFARLAND, Ira N.                           s/o N & E McFarland                                         d.  Feb. 12, 1853

McFARLAND, John Fredrick     s/o N & E McFarland                                d.  Jan.      , 1853  X

McFARLAND, Robert William  s/o N & E McFarland                                d.                1853   X

McGUIRE, James Hankinson                                                                                          d.  Jun. 17, 1883   Vet

McGUIRE, John                  s/o J M & S McGuire                                           d.  May (4) 1862  X

McGUIRE, John G.                                                                                                             d.  May 05, 1865  Vet X

McGUIRE, Sarah                 w/o James H McGuire                        d.  May 06, 1906

MESSMORE, Greeley                                                                                        d.  Apr. 05, 1879  *  Oaklawn

MESSMORE, John G.                         s/o M & M Messmore                                          d.  Sep.     , 1852

MEYER, Francis J.                              s/o R & L C Meyer                                               d.  Aug. 04, 1885

MILLER, Cordelia                              w/o Aaron Miller                                  d.  Jun. 17, 1892  X

MILLER, Elizabeth                              w/o John Miller                                   d.  Mar. 18, 1864

MILLER, Isaiah                    s/o David & Carolina                                         d.  Aug. 25, 1855

MILLER, John                                                                                                                      d.  Aug. 23, 1863

MILLER, __________      s/o J M & E Miller                                                d.  Feb. 05, 1863

MILLS, Elizabeth                 w/o William Mills                                                d.  Sep. 08, 1854

MILLS, Hannah                   w/o L Mills                                                            d.  May 28, 1867

MILLS, William C.                               s/o Sebastian & Ollie                                         d.  Sep. 14, 1872

MOORE, __________       c/o Chas.                                                               d.  Mar. 03, 1884 X

MOWRER, Charley                            s/o A M & N J Mowrer                        d.  Sep. 14, 1867  X

MOWRER, Fredrick                            s/o J & R Mowrer                                                d.  Jun. 18, 1856

MOWRER, Harley                               s/o N M & M J Mowrer                       d.  Sep. 14, 1867

MOWRER, Jesse                                                                                                  d.  Apr. 23, 1860

MOWRER, Jesse Jr.                             s/o J & R Mowrer                                                d.  Sep. 12, 1849

MOWRER, Mary E.                            d/o J & R E Mowrer                                            d.                                             X

MOWRER, Rachael                             w/o William Mowrer                                           d.  May 28, 1891

MOWRER, Sarah                 d/o J & R Mowrer                                                d.  Nov. 12, 1849

MOWRER, William                                                                                                             d.  Sep. 13, 1887

MURPHY, Gertie                 d/o E J Murphy                                    d.  Sep.     , 1884   X

MURPHY, J. A.                                                                                                    d.  May 28, 1862   Vet *  Oaklawn

MURPHY, J. A.                                                                                                    d.  May 13, 1875 X

MURPHY, Rebecca Ann   w/o E J Murphy                                   d.  Jul.       , 1885  X

MYLIN, Jessie                                       s/o J & M A                                                           d.  Mar. 15, 1858

MYLIN, John                                                                                                                        d.  Aug. 17, 1858

NEFF, George N.                                                                                                 d.  Apr. 12, 1880   Vet

NEFF, Susanna                   w/o G N Neff                                                         d.  Nov. 30, 1845

NOFTZGER, Louisa                           w/o C E Noftzger                                 d.  Feb. 11, 1873  *  Oaklawn

NOFTZGER, Minnie                           d/o L J & Mary Noftzger                    d.                1870   *  Oaklawn

OAKLEY, Evaline                                d/o J N & Sarah Oakley                     d.  Aug. 10, 1867

OGAN, Elias                                         s/o J & M Ogan                                    d.  Sep. 21, 1850

OGAN, John                                                                                                                         d.  Jan. 11, 1855

OGAN, Mary Ann                                d/o John & Margaret                                         d.  Jul. 11, 1857

PAYNE, Alonzo                    s/o B & E Payne                                   d.  Sep. 21, 1863

PAYNE, Barnabas                                                                                                               d.  Jul. 06, 1866

PAYNE, Huldah                   w/o Barnabas Payne                                          d.  Oct. 24, 1854

PAYNE, Laura                      d/o E & M Payne                                 d.  Feb. 05, 1867

PAYNE, Infant                                      c/o B & E Payne                                  d.  Apr. 13, 1863

PEARSON, Annie Lautzenhiser                                                                        d.  Dec. 16, 1857  *  Oaklawn

PEEK, Anna (L)                   d/o W N & M C Peek                                           d.  Mar. 10, 1869

PEEK, __________                            s/o W N & M C Peek                                           d.  Nov. 02, 186?

PEE(C)K, William N.                                                                                                          d.  Jan. 20, 1872   Vet         X

PLACE, Aaron                     s/o M & M Place                                  d.  Jan. 13, 1847

PLACE, Ester E.                   d/o M & M Place                                 d.  Nov. 12, 1845

PLACE, Lydia                                      d/o M & M Place                                 d.  Nov. 06, 1842

PLACE, Mary W.                                                                                                 d.  Apr. 05, 1886

PLACE, Maurice                                                                                                 d.  Nov. 13, 1862

PLACE, Roy                                                                                                                          d.  Oct. 15, 1889

POWELL, Gertie                  d/o Augustus & Savilla                       d.  Aug. 28, 1873 *  Oaklawn

POWELL, Katie                   d/o A R & S H Powell                         d.  Jun. 11, 1875  *  Oaklawn

PRICE, Adrema                    d/o W & M Price                                  d.  Feb. 28, 1849

QUINN, Louella R.                              d/o E M & N Rager                                             d.                1884

RAGER, Adam                                                                                                                      d.  Jan. 22, 1864

RAGER, Catharine                              w/o Adam Rager                                  d.  May 18, 1863

RAGER, __________                        c/o E M                                                  d.  Jan.     , 1886

RAGER, Ostin                                                                                                                       d.

REAHARD, Catharine        w/o John F Reahard                                           d.  Nov. 16, 1867

REED, Catherine                 w/o James Reed                                   d.  Oct. 16, 1887

REED, Charlotte                 d/o J & C Reed                                     d.  Aug. 15, 1848

REED, Georgia                     d/o Nicholas Reed                                               d.  Feb.     , 1883   X

RHODES, George Alonzo                                                                                  d.  Jan. 07, 1873  Vet          *  Oaklawn

RHODES, Moses                                                                                                 d.  Oct. 06, 1874  *  Oaklawn

RICHISON, Margaret                         s/o George Richison                                           d.

RIDGELY, Infant                               d/o N J                                                                   d.  Jul.      , 1873   *  Oaklawn

RIDGLEY, Henry                                                                                                                d.                                 Vet      X

RINEHART, Catharine       d/o P & E Rinehart                                             d.  Sep. 21, 1862

ROCKHILL, Frampton B.                                                                                   d.  Aug. 14, 1854

ROCKHILL, Mary J.                            d/o F B & D Rockhill                                          d.  Mar. 23, 1851

ROYER, Mary                     w/o Henry                                                             d.  Sep. 16, 1874  X

RUPLEY, Infant                   d/o D J & L Rupley                                              d.  Jan.07, 1870

RUPLEY, Rebecca                               w/o Frederick Rupley                                         d.  Sep. 06, 1856

SAEGER, David                   s/o Thilman & Rachael                      d.  Sep. 01, 1853

SCHIFFERLY, Amelia       d/o C Schifferly                                   d.  Jan. 14, 1881  X

SCHOOLCRAFT, Adda                                                                                     d.               1872    *  Oaklawn

SCHOOLCRAFT, Samie                                                                                   d.               1873    *  Oaklawn

SCHULER, Mabel B.                                                                                                         d.  May 16, 1868 *  Oaklawn

SCHULER, Olive E. P.                                                                                        d.  Jun. 24, 1871  *  Oaklawn

SELLERS, Louie                 s/o A J & M Sellers                                              d.  Dec. 06, 1870  *  Oaklawn

SHAUBHUT, Helena                           d/o S Shaubhut                                    d.          11, 1847  

SHAUMBURG, Simon F.    s/o F & C Shaumburg                                         d.  Nov. 08, 1862

SHEAK, Ezekiel                                                                                                   d.  Aug. 11, 1862

SHEAK, __________                         s/o J & E Sheak                                    d.  Mar. 01, 1865

SHEETS, Harriet R. H.        d/o S & E J Sheets                                               d.  Sep. 20, 1850

SHEETS, John                                                                                                                      d.  Dec. 18, 1850

SHEETS, John W.                                                                                                                d.  Mar. 15, 1873  Vet

SHELLER, James                                                                                                               d.                          Vet            X

SHILTZ, George                                                                                                  d.  Jan.       , 1874 X

SHOEMAKER, John                                                                                                          d.  Jun. 13, 1874  X

SHULL, Pearl Judson                         s/o Peter                                                 d.  Jun. 04, 1881  X

SIGNES, Levi                                                                                                                        d.  Mar. 12, 1855

SILLINGS, John                                                                                                   d.

SINGER, Elizabeth                              w/o J C Singer                                                     d.  Jan. 17, 1871

SINGER, J. C.                                                                                                                       d.  Apr. 30, 1875

SLUSSER, Catharine                          d/o J & D                                                               d.  Aug. 29, 1863

SLUSSER, Delila                 w/o J Slusser                                                        d.  Dec. 09, 1862

SLUSSER, Josiah                                s/o J & D Slusser                                 d.  Jun. 21, 186(0)

SMITH, Marietta                                                                                                 d.  Feb. 21, 1860

SMITH, Minerva                  d/o L & (M H) Smith                                            d.  Sep. 29, 1864

SMITH, __________                          w/o G Smith                                                          d.  Mar. 06, 1861

SNYDER, __________      Infant                                                                    d.  May 18, 1879 X

STAMPFF, Aaron                                                                                                                d.  Apr. 08, 1892  X

STAVER, Mary                     w/o Samuel Staver                                              d.  Sep. 21, 1855

STAVER, Sarah                                                                                                   d.                                             X

STELLER, __________    child                                                                       d.          22, 1868   X

STEMM, Madaline                             d/o John R Stemm                                              d.  Aug. 26, 1892 X

STRICKLER, Clarence E.                                                                                 d.                 1870  *  Oaklawn

STRICKLER, Elizabeth     w/o Henry                                                             d.  Jun. 26, 1880  *  Oaklawn

STRICKLER, Emanuel                                                                                        d.  Feb. 04, 1845

STRICKLER, Lucy Ann       d/o Emanuel & Sarah                                         d.

STRICKLER, Sarah                             d/o Emanuel & Sarah                                         d.  Apr. 03, 1855

SWIHART, George N.                          s/o Daniel & Ann                                 d.  Apr. 17, 18??

THOMAS, J. M.                                                                                                   d.                1893   X

THOMAS, James M.                            s/o C & E Thomas                                                d.  Mar. 05, 1866  Vet

THOMAS, Juliettee                             ad/d/o Rev. E A Church                     d.  Feb. 20, 1862  X

THOMAS, Sarah                  w/o M Thomas                                                      d.  Sep.     , 1844

THOMAS, William                                                                                                              d.                                  Vet     X

THOMPSON, William                                                                                        d.                1893   X

THOMPSON, William H.                                                                                   d.  Dec. 05, 1863  Vet         X

THORN, Edgar (H)                              s/o W & E Thorn                                  d.  Aug. 19, 1849

THORN, Elizabeth                              w/o William Thorn                                              d.  Jan. 28, 1840  X

THORN, Eva                                                                                                                         d.  May 23, 1856

THORN, Thomas                                                                                                  d.  Dec. 15, 1846

TILMAN, Florence B.         d/o W & N Tilman                                               d.  Feb. 22, 1870  *  Oaklawn

TILMAN, Jacob                                                                                                    d.  Feb. 18, 1870

TILMAN, Jacob                  s/o W & L A Tilman                                            d.  Nov. 20, 1860 *  Oaklawn

TILMAN, Lucy A.                               w/o William Tilman                                            d.  May 26, 1862 *  Oaklawn

TILMAN, Mahala                               w/o William Tilman                                            d.  Dec. 10, 1855  *  Oaklawn

TILMAN, William                                                                                                               d.  Aug. 02, 1878 *  Oaklawn

TILMAN, Mary M.                               w/o J Tilman                                                         d.  Jan. 14, 1872

TOWNSEND, John W.                                                                                        d.  Aug. 06, 1873 X

WADDELL, Alice                 w/o Dr. Charles A                                                d.  May 02, 1879

WAGNER, John A.                              s/o John & Louisa                                               d.  Oct. 24, 1862  *  Oaklawn

WAGNER, Wilhelmina       d/o John & Louisa                                               d.  Feb. 18, 1854  *  Oaklawn

WAGONER, John                                                                                                                d.  May 03, 1879 *  Oaklawn

WALLACE, Thomas                                                                                                          d.  Dec. 28, 1874  *  Oaklawn

WEBSTER, Cynthia A.                                                                                        d.  Jul. 11, 1907

WEBSTER, Joseph D.                                                                                                         d.  Dec. 19, 1871

WEBSTER, Dr. Samuel                                                                                       d.  Jun. 02, 1851

WEIDNER, Adnema                            d/o D & C Weidner                                             d.  Sep. 01, 1862

WEIDNER, Ellen Vida        c/o C & L Weidner                                              d.  Jun. 17, 1862

WEIDNER, John W.                            s/o C & L Weidner                                               d.  Dec. 11, 1872

WEIDNER, Malion                              s/o C & L Weidner                                               d.  Aug. 17, 1861

WEIDNER, Nancy                                                                                                              d.  Apr. 25, 1881  X

WEIDNER, Samuel Z.                         s/o G & N Weidner                                              d.  Sep. 01, 1850

WEIDNER, __________    s/o D & C Weidner                                              d.  May 16, 1865

WELLS, Stephen A. D.       s/o Rev. H & C B Wells                      d.  Jan 10, 1863   *  Oaklawn

WERTENBERGER, Capiatolia         d/o S & E Wertenberger     d.  Oct. 20, 1869

WERTENBERGER, Elvira                w/o Samuel                                                           d.  Mar. 19, 1874 X

WERTENBERGER, Samuel                                                                                               d.  Jan. 04, 1873

WEST, Amanda                  w/o John                                                                d.  Mar. 26, 1880 X

WEST, Charles                     s/o J & M E West                                 d.  Jul. 17, 1866

WEST, Feraly                                       w/o Josiah West                                   d.  Nov. 12, 1855

WEST, Harriet A.                 d/o P & M M West                                               d.  Sep. 14, 1870

WEST, Josiah                                                                                                                       d.  Dec. 31, 1865

WEST, Mary E.                     d/o N & M West                                   d.  Feb. 07, 1850

WEST, Mary E.                     w/o J West                                                             d.  Jul. 06, 1868

WEST, William                     s/o A & S West                                                      d.  Jul. 25, 1849

WEST, __________                            d/o _______________                      d.  Aug. 29, 1863

WINTON, Carl                     s/o C H & I A Winton                                         d.  Jun. 17, 1875  *  Oaklawn

WHITE, Benjamin                              adopted by Jesse White                      d.  Jan. 20, 1879  Vet          X

WHITE, Edward                                                                                                   d.  Mar. 2(9), 1875

WHITE, Jesse                                                                                                                       d.  Feb. 23, 1885  Vet          X

WHITTINGER, S. Louisa    w/o D Wittinger, MD                                          d.  Apr. 04, 1855

WILLIAMS, Anna                 w/o Clark Williams                                             d.  Feb. 21, 1873

WILLIAMS, Charity                            w/o J W Williams                                 d.  Aug. 26, 1856

WILLIAMS, Clark                                                                                                                d.  Jan. 04, 1879

WILLIAMS, Cyrus Milton                                                                                                d.  Mar. 11, 1865  Vet         X

WILLIAMS, Infant                            d/o J W & E K Williams                     d.  Mar. 04, 1868 *  Oaklawn

WILLIAMS, Eliza                 w/o Clark Williams                                             d.  Aug. 20, 1856

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth                         d/o J W & C J Williams                      d.  Feb. 02, 1847

WILLIAMS, Fletcher P.      s/o _____ & _____ Williams                            d.  Oct. 05, 1853

WILLIS, Amasa R(K)                                                                                                           d.  Jan. 12, 1873  Vet

WILLIS, John                                                                                                                      d.  Nov.    , 1873   X

WILLIS, Levi                                                                                                                       d.  Feb. 21, 1868  Vet          X

WILLIS, Malvina                                                                                                                d.  Apr.     , 1883   X

WILLIS, Dr. W. F.                                                                                                               d.  Apr. 09, 1854  X

WILLIS, __________                         d/o E A & M Willis                                              d. Feb. 22, 187(0)

WILLIS, Hannah                  d/o W & M Willis                                 d.  Feb. 09, 1859

WILLIS, Joseph                                                                                                   d.  Jun. 03, 1854  X

WILSON, John Spearman                                                                                 d.  Feb. 12, 1874  X

WILSON, Madson S.                                                                                                           d.  Sep. 21, 1863

WILSON, Margaret A.        w/o M S Wilson                                    d.  Apr. 08, 1875

WOOD, Peter                                                                                                                        d.  Apr. 01, 1864

WOODRING, Infant                            s/o J S & L A Woodring                      d.  Aug. 28, 1861

YANT, Amanda E.                              d/o J & S A Yant                                  d.  Jul. 28, 1868    *  Oaklawn

___TER, Hulda(h)                                                                                                               d.  Dec. 27, 1862

___AM, __________                                                                                                         d.  Jun. 13, 1855

__________, Causius M.  s/o J & E __________                                       d.  J(un) 24, 1860


By Kelly Knarr

Thomas Marshall 5th Grade


Thomas Marshall School building was built in 1929 on a large amount of land which was a part of the Holderman estate located on the east side of the city, three blocks south of Manchester College.  The building is a beautiful rectangular, dark red brick structure with white stone-like trimmings.


It was built with the idea that Manchester College student teachers would use that school for their practice teaching.  Kenneth Burr, the first principal and fifth and sixth grade teacher, had student teachers all the time.  He worked closely with Manchester College.  The other teachers, Miss Edith Dresher of the first and second grades, Miss Lucile Wright of the third grade, and Miss Ruth Brane of the fourth grade, also had student teachers.


The elementary children attending Manchester schools at the time chose the name Thomas Marshall.  A picture of Marshall was hung in the main entrance of the school.  After the building was remodeled in 1968, the picture was hung in the school library.


There were eight classrooms in the building, three on the first floor and five on the second floor.  A small library was on the second floor across the hall from the office.  When school first opened that year, only four rooms were used, and the extra ones were used as activity rooms.  As the school population grew, more rooms were occupied until all the extra rooms were in use as classrooms.  There were eight regular teachers with one grade per room.  Kindergarten required two teachers, one for the morning session and one for the afternoon group.


In 1968 the office was moved to the ground floor and a music room and a multi-purpose room were added on the east side of the building.  The halls, stairways, and classrooms were all carpeted and a completely new heating system was installed and the wiring was remodeled.  In 1984 the roof was repaired as well as the trim along the edge of the roof.


My grandpa, Richard Knarr, was the third principal at Thomas Marshall School.  He was a principal there for five years.  He also was a sixth grade teacher there.


            (Source:  Wabash County History.)


(Editor’s Note:  Do any of you have memories of Thomas Marshall that you would be willing to share with us?  Write to us in care of P. O. Box 361, N. Manchester, In 46962.)




By Mrs. Harry R. Weimer


Miss Lulu Gamble, a retired nurse and my husband’s aunt, told me this little story of her girlhood shortly before her death.


In November 1890, a dark haired, dark eyed youngster of 13, she stood in the front of Oppenheim’s Dry Goods Store on Main Street in North Manchester waiting for her father.  Mr. Ben Oppenheim quietly observed her and although not a mind reader, he could read human emotions rather accurately.  He approached the girl, whom he knew to be the middle one of three young sisters, and daughter of one of his customers.  He asked her where he father was and if she had gotten all of her purchases.


“No!”  she blurted out, “I want a new coat!  I’m too bog to wear Della’s old one.”  As proof, she held out her arms so that he might see the short sleeves.


“But it’s Rosa’s turn this year.”  It was the family practice to rotate the coats, buying for the oldest one year, handing down to the next in line, and then buying for the youngest on the third year.


Just then Mr. Thomas Gamble, a farmer from the Pleasant Township area, came in.  Mr. Ben, as he was commonly called, beckoned and after a few words led him over to the coat racks.


“Yes, sir,”  he stated, “this is a good buy but it’s a little to big for Rosa and I know you got Della one last year, but,”  he intoned, “it would just about fit Lulu, I’m pretty sure.  Here Lulu, come try it on and show your father.”


The upshot was that Lulu, for once, got the new coat and Rosa took the hand down.  Mr. Oppenheim made a very happy young girl and a satisfied customer for all her life.


“And do you know what else Mr. Oppenheim did,” asked my aged relative with a twinkle in her eye?”  That year at our Christmas he gave each of us girls one of these.”  Proudly she displayed a very lovely 3-inch paperweight of lacey white frilled edges about a pretty purple flower.  “Rosa’s was lost when our house burned,  she went on, “but mine is still nice.  I want you to have it,” she said with a generous smile, pressing it into my ands.  I still have it – it is one of my most treasured possessions.




By Daphne Cook

Fifth Grade, Maple Park


North Manchester covered bridge is 113 years old this year (1985).  In order for the bridge’s history to be recorded, Mrs. Martha Farmer, Timbercrest Home, North Manchester, has provided many of her memories of the bridge.


Mrs. Farmer’s parents moved into the home last owned by Max Bush, near the bridge, when she was ten years old and she lived there most of her childhood.


Mrs. Farmer remembered that the bridge was very dark at night.  One time her mother was coming home from church services and came across several cows and they were lying on the floor of the bridge.  This memory is from the 1880’s or the 1890’s.


At a much later time an electric light was put in the middle, top of the bridge but it did not last for long.  That is because it made a good little target for little and big kids and their slingshots.


One of the adventures for young men in North Manchester at the turn of the century was to “beau home” their girlfriends across the covered bridge.  The other boys would tease any of their friends who would walk a girl home from town and go over the covered bridge.


The bridge was built in 1872 and has always been painted red.  Many years after its original construction, residents in the neighborhood circulated a petition to get a walkway added to the bridge.  For many years the covered bridge was the only means of crossing the river to get into North Manchester.  There was a rope placed across the river where Second Street now ends and some people could pull themselves across the river in boats.  Later a footbridge was constructed near the present Main Street Bridge, but horses and wagons had to cross at the covered bridge.


Mrs. Farmer best described the bridge as “graceful as a lady.  It does not look clumsy but is long and graceful.”


[Source:  Newspaper article out of the Journal-Gazette, 1972 issue.]