Source: The News-Journal, January 17, 1938


The Pleasant township farmers west and northwest of North Manchester are no longer in darkness. Thursday the current was turned on the electric line that extends from the Bull lake corner east two miles and north past the Bussard school house. It was the last of the lines in that section to be completed and the delay was caused by telephone lines that had to be moved to the opposite side of the roads. Most of the farmers along the line had finished wiring their buildings and were ready for the electricity. The wait became rather tedious, especially after those along other lines were given service as a Christmas gift. However, Thursday the darkness ended and the old "coal oil" lamps were thrown into discard.

The line crew is now working in Chester and Lagro townships, and while there has been some delay because of weather unfit for work of that character, it should not be long until at least part of the farmers will also have electricity.