Source: Clarkson W. Weesner, History of Wabash County, Indiana, Vol. II, pp. 944-945

ALBERT ROONEY. One of the attractive and valuable farms of Pleasant township is the Albert Rooney place. Its proprietor acquired his land a number of years ago when most of it was a landscape of trees and stumps. To his work he brought both experience and ability, and his farm has been shaped out by his own labors and plans and represents both a comfortable home and a gratifying success.

The Rooney family has been identified with Wabash county from the early days, but Albert Rooney was born in Kosciusko county of this state on February 14, 1864. His parents were Thomas and Nancy Ann (Ogan) Rooney. His father was a native of Ireland and his mother was of German parentage. The maternal grandfather was Peter Ogan, and Ogan Creek and Ogan church in this county derived their name from that family. Thomas Rooney came to Wabash county in 1841, and at North Manchester was for some sixteen years employed in a hotel, where Miss Ogan also worked, and they met and were married as a result of the acquaintance begun in that way. In the early days Thomas Rooney had the regular duty of carrying mail over the Plank road on horseback. After his marriage at North Manchester he rented the land which is now in the farm of Albert Rooney, but subsequently moved to Kosciusko county, where he also was a renter for some time. During his residence in Kosciusko county besides Alfred [sic-Albert] two daughters were born, Mary and Lizzie, both now deceased. In 1865 Thomas Rooney returned to Wabash county, and bought the farm that his son James now occupies. His first purchase here was fifty acres, improved with a small frame house, and his industry subsequently cleared up most of the land and built substantial dwelling, barns and other structures. Both Thomas Rooney and his wife died on that place, the father in 1893 and the mother in 1901. After their return to Wabash county two other children were born, Sadie, who is unmarried, and James, the son above mentioned.

Albert Rooney has been a resident of Wabash county for the past fifty years, and his education was acquired largely at Laketon. The family were in very moderate circumstances, and as all hands were required on the farm, he never attended school after he was twelve years of age, but has employed his native intelligence to advance him in the world of affairs and has suffered little disadvantage in competition with his fellowmen. At the age of twenty-five Mr. Rooney married Ella Hida, a daughter of Anderson and Catherine (Enyart) Hida. Most of the Albert Rooney farm was the old homestead of the Hida family, and Mrs. Rooney was born in Chester township of Wabash county. Previous to his marriage Mr. Rooney spent five years working on the railroad, and when ready to settle down in life bought the seventy-seven acres comprising his present home place. Besides that he now owns another tract of twenty-five acres nearby. When this land came into his possession only thirty-seven acres was in cultivation and he has since gradually extended the tillable area and has cleared up all but six acres. An old log house and log barn were the chief improvements when he and his wife began making a home there, and these have long since given way to more substantial buildings and the general improvements which add value to the land are too numerous to mention.

Mr. Rooney and wife have four children: Cora, Paul, Iva and Marian. The children are all at home, and all have received the best influences of home training and have been educated as well as the means of their parents could afford. The oldest child was born on the first place they lived on after their marriage, but the others were born at the present Rooney home. While Mr. Rooney's father was a member of the Catholic church, he has identified himself with the Church of God. His father was a democrat and the son adheres to the same party, but believes in voting for the best man. For four years, James Rooney, his brother, was honored with the office of trustee of Pleasant township.