Source: News-Journal, May 25, 1936


From here and there over Wabash county, the Fifth district and the state at large have been heard suggestions that A.W. Cordier of Manchester college might be considered as a dark horse in the race for republican nomination for governor in case the convention should become deadlocked with the present regularly announced candidates. Mr. Cordier has not entered the race, nor has he indicated in any way that he might think of doing so, but Indiana republicans might go a great deal farther and do a great deal worse. He has made an excellent record as county chairman for the county, and his work has made an extensive and favorable acquaintance all over the state.

Source: News-Journal, February 5, 1940

Prof. A.W. Cordier will give a series of eight radio addresses over station WOWO beginning Wednesday evening at 10:15. The addresses will be given each Wednesday evening as a sustained feature of the station. The general topic will be, "The Role of the Small Nations in the European Struggle." Prof. Cordier will discuss the rapidly changing set-up of the European countries in the light of their historical background.

Prior to his radio addresses, Prof. Cordier will address public meetings sponsored by Indiana University at the university center in Fort Wayne. "Europe During the Last Twenty-five Years" will be the topic of the lectures which will be given at 8:00.

Source: News-Journal, March 3, 1941


Dr. A.W. Cordier has been offered the presidency of McPherson College, Kansas, to take the place of President V.F. Schwalm, who will come to Manchester College as president to succeed President Otho Winger who is retiring at the close of this school year. Dr. Cordier went to McPherson last week when the trustees of the college met and heard their proposition. The trustees were urgent that he accept the offer, but he asked for time to consider the matter. This morning he had made no definite decision but admitted there was some justice in the request of the trustees, since McPherson is losing its president to Manchester.

Dr. Cordier is head of the history and political science department at Manchester College. He is widely known as a public speaker and as an authority on current European political history. The offer at least is flattering, even though he may not accept it.

Source: News-Journal, March 13, 1941


Dr. A.W. Cordier will not accept the offer of the presidency of McPherson College, Kansas. He sent definite word to that effect this morning to the trustees of McPherson College. Two weeks ago when the McPherson trustees formally released President V.F. Schwalm so he could accept the presidency of Manchester College, they cast about for a new president and their choice was Dr. Cordier. He went to McPherson, heard their offer, and then after considering it a day or two, declined. The trustees were unwilling to accept this refusal as final and asked him to reconsider. However the decision made this morning is final, and Dr. Cordier will continue as head of the history department of Manchester College.

Source: News-Journal, May 29, 1941


Prof. Andrew W. Cordier will leave Monday on a good will mission through South America as the representative of the Service Committee of the Church of the Brethren. He will go first to Washington for conferences with the State Department and the Pan-American Union before sailing from New York June 6. The S.S. Argentina on which he will sail is due at Rio de Janeiro June 18. From Brazil Prof. Cordier will go to Paraguay, then to Argentina, Uruguay, Chili, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela, sailing from Trinidad August 6 and due back in New York August 11.

Prof. Cordier will stop in capitals and principal cities, and his mission is to initiate contacts with governments and civil authorities in the name of the Brethren Service Committee. In connection with his own work as head of the department of history at Manchester College, Prof. Cordier also will seek information on developments in Latin America in relation to the present world crisis. From Brazil on down the east coast and back up the west side of the continent he will travel by airplane. On the first and last legs of his trip, Prof. Cordier will be accompanied by Orie Miller of Akron, Pennsylvania, representative of the Mennonite congregation. Mr. Miller will visit Mennonite colonies now established in Paraguay.