Source: North Manchester Journal, November 3, 1898

A Bad Runaway.
Last Saturday afternoon while O. Rex, the telephone man, was driving his colt near the Dunkard church on north Walnut street suddenly took fright at something, it is not exactly known what. The animal became unmanageable and threw Mr. Rex out of the cart, in which he was driving, with terrific force. He struck on a brick sidewalk and was rendered unconscious. One arm and several ribs were broken. He also received an ugly gash in his head and was severely bruised about the shoulders and other parts of his body. He was taken home and Drs. Lower and Misener dressed his wounds and he is getting along as well as is to be expected.

Source: North Manchester Journal, December 4, 1916

The Thursday Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette had the following interesting item from Auburn:

Orlando Rex, president of the Sterling Metal company of this city was put under arrest this afternoon charged with living in open adultery with Nina Neilson, wife of Alfred Neilson, of Chicago. Neilson arrived in this city early this week on the lookout for his wife and on finding that she had been here living as Mrs. Rex, he through his attorneys, filed suit in the circuit court for $10,000 against Rex for the alienation of his wife's affections. The first charge was filed in the mayor's court and Rex was put under arrest on a warrant issued by Mayor McClellan. The case has been tried to be compromised yesterday and today, before being taken into court, but it now looks as though it will be viciously contested in the circuit court. Mrs. Nielson, it is said, has left the city and cannot be located, she is 25 years of age and is attractive in appearance. Mr. Rex came to this city a year ago and located the Sterling Metal company of which he is president, and which he had hoped to have in operation in the near future. Rex is over fifty years of age and came to this city from Chicago, although he operated a telephone company in North Manchester a number of years ago. Rex has been married, his wife being Miss Elizabeth Haney, of North Manchester. Later the case of Orland Rex charged with adultery with Nina Nielson, was tried before Mayor McClellan last night and after hearing evidence "his honor" fined them each $200 and gave them a sentence of sixty days at the penal farm and the woman's prison respectively. They both appealed to the circuit court and were released on bond.