Source: NMHS Newsletter, February 1999

Old Central Teacher Resigns, 1932

U.R. Young has resigned as history teacher at the Central school and is retiring after a teaching career of 43 years much of which was in North Manchester. His work will be absorbed by several of the other teachers and there will be no other teacher employed. Mr. Young resigned voluntarily, feeling he had reached an age when he had earned a rest.

He commenced teaching in 1884 at the Badsky school three miles east of Roann. It was a new building and he was the first teacher. He taught school and attended college at intervals for a number of years, attending at Mt. Morris Illinois, graduated from Indiana state normal in 1895, later attended Indiana university and spent about two years at Manchester college.

He has spent 19 years in the city schools, four years as principal at West Ward, six as principal at Central, nine as head of the history department. He voluntarily retired as principal.

During recent years he has had 75 students teachers in history under his direction. Mr. Young was familiarly known as "Pappy" by the children, and it was a term not used in derision, but rather because of the fatherly affection he had for them. It is with great regret the students will learn of his retiring, but it is to his credit that he made the decision himself and stepped out when he felt his work was done.
(Died October 21, 1941)

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