Source: North Manchester Journal, Mary 9, 1893

We acknowledge a pleasant call the other day from John F. Smith, of Ijamsville. Mr. Smith and his wife spent several weeks last winter visiting their son John in Waco, Texas, and while they have been at home several weeks this was his first trip to town since returning on account of sickness and bad weather. He tells us that both himself and wife were highly pleased with their trip and like the country much better than they had expected they would. In fact they were so well pleased that they will spend next winter in that country and may possibly move there to live. Their son John, who is agent of the M.K.&T. railroad at that place, is doing well and "flying high," as Mr. Smith expressed it, and he certainly gave the old folks a very good impression of Texas.

Source: North Manchester Journal, April 18, 1901

Gone Back to Texas

John E. Smith, who has been visiting in this section for several weeks, went back to Texas Saturday night. John had accepted a good position with the passenger department of the Great Northern railroad at Seattle and had intended going to that place shortly until last week he received an urgent request to return to Texas. He is known as one of the best passenger agents in that state, where he has worked for fifteen or twenty years, and he concluded that he would rather remain in the Lone Star state than see new fields. Mr. Smith is now with the Kansas City Southern road and has charge of the business at Beaumont, the great Texas oil field and the scene of the largest producing oil well the world has ever known. He is a jolly good fellow and will always have the very best wishes of the JOURNAL for his success.