Source: North Manchester Journal, January 6, 1887

A.B. Miller is a business hustler sure; he tells us he has sold 18 sleighs, and left Tuesday night at 1:30, over the C. & A. for Chicago, where he expects to buy another car load and ship them here. A.B. is venturesome, but he says he wins by it.

Source: North Manchester Journal, January 25, 1894

Gormon Heeter moved to town last week. They have a house on east Fourth street. Mr. Heeter has taken an interest in the implement business with A.B. Miller. They have added the undertaking business and have quite a stock already in and expect to have a hearse in a short time.

Source: North Manchester Journal, January 14, 1897


The name of A.B. Miller has been honorably connected with the commercial interests of North Manchester for the past seventeen years. The leading features of his success have developed from the carriage, furniture and undertaking business. It has ever been Mr. Miller's inflexible purpose to please his customers, and this he does by dealing fairly with them and selling only goods of the best quality at the lowest possible prices. No patron of Mr. Miller's has ever been afforded a good reason for complaint in regard to the quality or prices of goods purchased at his store. This good feeling between seller and purchaser caused Mr. Miller's business to grow and develop until more room was required for its accommodation, and he is just completing his third store room, which is constructed of steel and joined to the main building, thus giving him a business room, in it entirety, of as large capacity as any in the county. This recently acquired space will be filled with choice new designs and patterns in nobby buggies and carriages, fine furniture and undertaking goods of the best and richest quality.

The undertaking department is equipped with a fine Cunningham funeral car of the latest design, and a stock of new caskets, robes, etc., second to none, with prices about one half usually charged by undertakers for funeral goods and services. All who have patronized this department of Mr. Miller's establishment have been well pleased with the goods and services and will bear testimony to the truth of the above statement in regard to cost of same.

Research Note: "nobby buggies and carriages" denotes high-end, stylish, top-of-the-line vehicles.

The Miller Carriage and Implement Business was located between Lavey's Jewelry and the Town Hall on the south side of Main Street.
Photo of East Main Street in 1911.

1911 Photo of East Main St.