Source: North Manchester Journal, February 26, 1880

Bowman has taken the agency for the McCormick Harvester and Self Binder for this section, and we wish to remind the farmers that the McCormick stands unrivaled.

Source: North Manchester Journal, December 23, 1880

A.W. Bowman has it now. Something nice and nobby. Bob runners, which you can attach to your buggy or spring wagon, and have a spring sleigh. Do not fail to see them.

Source: North Manchester Journal, March 8, 1883, Ad:

The Celebrated Studebaker Wagons!
McCormic Twine Binders, Triumph and Meadow lark Reapers and Mowers, Star Wind Engines!
Tubular Well Supplies, Pumps, Pipe and Fittings, Plows, harrows, Cultivators, Corn Planters, House Rakes,
CINCINNATI BUGGIES, Forks, Shovels, Hoes, &c., In Full Stock and at Prices to DEFY competition, at
A.W. BOWMAN & CO. Agricultural Store two doors East of Union Block, North Manchester, Indiana.

Source: North Manchester Journal, March 15, 1883

A.W. Bowman & Co. are putting in a Branch Agricultural Implement Store at South Whitley, and wish to see all the farmers and everybody else in that vicinity to call and see them when they get fixed up, which will be April 1st or sooner. As these men through their energy have built up an extensive business here, we predict for them a busy trade at South Whitley.

Source: North Manchester Journal, August 29, 1889

Miss Studebaker, of South Bend, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Bowman, of this place.

Source: Wabash County Directory for 1894, Display Ad:

A.W. BOWMAN, Manufacturer of HARNESS and Dealer in
Agricultural Implements, Carriages, Wagons, Sleighs, Robes, Blankets, Whips, Trunks, Pumps, Oils, Binding Twine, Etc., Etc.
Studabaker Wagons & Buggies.
North Manchester, Indiana

Source: North Manchester Journal, January 14, 1897

A.W. Bowman

Proprietor of the "Old Reliable" farm machinery, carriage and harness store, has conducted his business continuously for eighteen years in this city, and has become so familiar with every detail of the same, as well as the wants of his customers, that he needs no recommendation. His purpose has always been to deal in such goods and treat his customers in such manner as to merit approval, and he is now prepared to offer his patrons in this vicinity the most complete line of goods, in their season, and at the most reasonable prices, it has ever been their privilege to select from. Among his specialties is the "Woman's Friend Polar Creamery," of which one hundred are in use by the farmers in this vicinity, with results universally appreciated and approved.

The harness department, presided over by Samuel Shirk, of fifty years' experience, is an important branch of his business and special attention is given to making the latest styles of harness from strictly good stock, and repairing.

Studebaker wagons, carriages, buggies, robes, blankets, whips, etc., in great variety to select from

Every kind of farm implement needed, as well as various styles of pumps, wind engines, pipe tanks, threshers and engines, corn huskers and fodder shredders, and innumerable articles indispensable to the progressive farmer may be found at this well stocked and up-to-date establishment. It may truthfully be said of Mr. Bowman that he is the farmer's friend, as his stock affords them all they need in the line of farm machinery and at prices exceptionally low.

Source: Aurora (1910) Ad:

For Country and city Homes, by use of Air-Pressure Tanks,
for Bath, Kitchen, Laundry, Live Stock and FIRE PROTECTION.
Wind Mills and Gasoline Engines.
Indiana Silos and Litter Carriers.