Source: North Manchester Journal, January 19, 1893

Our representative dropped in at the Variety Store yesterday morning and was much surprised to find that Mrs. Pugh had sold out and the invoice was in progress. The purchaser is Mr. G.R. Barratt, of Silver Lake, formerly of Disko. He is a well known young man in this section and is the son of C.O. Barratt, who was for many years the leading store keeper at Disko. Mrs. Pugh has not decided on her intentions for the future, but will probably not move away from this place.

Source: North Manchester Journal, January 14, 1897

G.R. Barratt. One of the most unique as well as important enterprises in North Manchester is the "Variety Store," owned and managed by Mr. G.R. Barratt. It would be a much more laborious task to enumerate the articles which comprise the stock carried by Mr. Barratt than to list those which do not enter into it. There you find everything from the most trivial novelties up to articles of great value and practical utility, including ladies' furnishing goods, queensware, glassware, lamps, jewelry, school supplies, etc. It was a fortunate day for North Manchester when "The Variety Store" and its genial, enterprising proprietor became identified with the business interests of the city. The first has become indispensable in meeting the needs of the people, and the second has steadily grown into the favor and confidence of his patrons and is now regarded as one of North Manchester's most popular and prosperous business men. Mr. Barratt does not carry all of his eggs in one basket, as he has a large and well stocked general store at Disko, an enterprise which the people of that burg and vicinity appreciate and patronize.