Source: North Manchester Journal, February 1, 1883

The Bee Keepers Association of North Manchester organized during the past summer held at the JOURNAL office Saturday afternoon, their winter meeting. Several gentlemen were present, but little business was done on account of the absence of the Secretary. It seemed to be the general opinion that bees are now in good shape notwithstanding the intense cold. Great diversity of opinion about winter keeping of bees, some favored storing in cellars while others thought best to enclose hives in boxes on the summer stands, but all agreed that some protection was necessary. Bee pasture was a fruitful subject that received due attention. The most of the members who had tried sweet clover were enthusiastic in its praises. Bee culture was talked over. The different hives coming in for praise or condemnation after an hour pleasant conversation the meeting adjourned to meet at this office at 1 o'clock p.m. on the last Saturday in March.