Source: The Manchester Republican, July 31, 1873

E.A. Blickenstaff has sold his drug store (goods and house) to Dr. Hamilton, formerly of this place. Possession given this week.

Source: The Manchester Republican, February 19, 1874

DR. C. HAMILTON. Druggist, successor to E.A. Blickenstaff, occupies an adjoining building. He has a handsome commodious room well filled with drugs and medicines, sufficient for all the ill that flesh is heir to.

Source: The Manchester Republican, March 26, 1874

E.A. Blickenstaff has re-purchased the drug store he sold to Dr. Hamilton last fall. Good luck to both parties.

Source: The Manchester Republican, April 30, 1874

The Blickenstaff Brothers have secured the services of a competent jeweler, and laid in a handsome stock of jewelry. Just starting in this way of course they sell things cheap, and if you want something nice for your girl now is the time to get a good bargain.

Blickenstaff Brothers knowing the want of the town and vicinity, have connected with their stock of Drugs, a new and well selected stock of Clocks, Watches and Jewelry. Which they will sell at the very lowest price possible. They have also secured the services of Mr. S.J. Holley, of Ohio, who is personally known to us as a workman of eighteen (18) years experience in the city. Those having valuable time pieces which need repairing, would do well to entrust them to him, at Blickenstaff Bro's--who is a practical watch maker, engraver, and manufacturer of gold and silver coin jewelry. His work in this line proves him to be a skillful artisan. Give him a call.

Source: North Manchester Journal, May 10, 1883

Elias Blickenstaff has bought property in Huntington and will shortly move to that place. He and J.W. Ford of that place, intend going into the Loan and Real Estate business.