Source: News-Journal, August 16, 1973, Centennial Section

Robert Gidley marks his thirty-fifth year in the shoe sales business this year. His business, Bob's Store on Main Street, has been in operation since 1970.ey

Gidley started in the shoe business on July 5, 1938, selling shoes for E.W. Gresso who had a firm in the building now occupied by Maynard's. Other experience came as he sold for Wible's and managed a shoe store in Warsaw.

Gidley returned to North Manchester in 1960 to open the B and D Shoe Store. Though the name and location have changed several times, Gidley has had a shoe business on Main Street for the past thirteen years.

Speaking of style changes over the years Gidley said, "Shoe styles are pretty much set by the economy. In good times people buy a wide variety of styles but return to more common, useable shoes when things get tighter."

In addition to being a well known businessman, Gidley is widely known for his public service. He frequently occupies the pulpit in area churches when ministers are called away.

He has been active in Gideons, Masons, Red Cross, Moose, Retail Merchants Association and other civic minded groups.