Source: Aurora (1927) Ad:


The new cleaning, pressing, and dyeing establishment which has recently begun operations on North Walnut Street, is in charge of Mr. Bruce A. Kramer. Mr. Kramer's father, Phillip Kramer, is conducting a similar plant in Wabash.

The Kramer Shop is the only one in North Manchester that cleans, presses and dyes clothes in this city. The delivery truck adds a great deal to the service of the shop. Kramer's customers are pleased and college students who are particular are given a special welcome to his plant. His equipment is the most modern of its kind, therefore he is able to give the best service. He calls for and delivers work.

Mr. Kramer will clean anything but a guilty conscience, and he gives all back but the dirt.

Source: Notarized Certificate of Partnership, Wabash County Partnership Book 1 (1941-1985), p. 130, July 28, 1947:

 Bruce Kramer Company
Dry Cleaning and Dyeing
North Manchester
, Indiana

Firm Members/Partners:
Bruce A. Kramer
, resides at 202 S. Maple St., North Manchester, Indiana
Max W. Stands
, resides at 107 N. Maple St., North Manchester, Indiana

Source: Oak Leaves, September 18, 1947

DEPENDABLE Dry Cleaning-Pressing-Repairs
Pick-up and Delivery Every Day At No Extra Cost to You
Phone 752   206 Walnut Street