Source: North Manchester Journal, April 11, 1901

In a Tight Box

J.A. Calvert, the genial and popular grocer, seems to have called down the wrath of a lot of the Rathbone Sisters on his head and had a very narrow escape from "white capping" a few nights ago. It seems that the degree team of the Rathbone Sisters had decided to hold a secret meeting for practice in order to perfect themselves in the work and surprise the lodge with their ability. On the night of the meeting some of the other Sisters dropped into Mr. Calvert's store and asked him the innocent question where his [wife] was. Mr. Calvert let the whole cat out of the bag by telling the ladies she was at the lodge room practicing. The Sisters went up to see what was going on but the Sisters on the inside refused to open the door. What followed, of course, is a lodge secret but we understand that a very "warm" session was held at Calvert's store later in the evening and he was "re-obligated" in the most approved style. He will keep a secret the next time.

Source: North Manchester Journal, August 2, 1906

New West End Store!
I have relocated in North Manchester in the Ramsey room on west Main street and will open for business on Saturday morning, July 28, with a complete and up-to-date stock of Groceries and Notions. The patronage of my old friends and customers as well as many new ones is solicited with the assurance of fair and square treatment for everybody. Come and see me and renew old acquaintance.
J.A. Calvert