Source: North Manchester News, January 13, 1916, Display Ad

STUDEBAKER The Only Car at Its Price With Forty Horse Power $845

This new Studebaker, 4 cylinder car, absolutely dominates its field. It has set up new standards of value for 4 cylinder cars. It has vastly increased the purchasing power of each dollar. It has given more power, more comforts and size, more quality, for every dollar of its price than any other car ever offered in the history of the industry.

This Studebaker at $845 is the only 4-cylinder, 7 passenger car with a 3 7/8 inch bore x 5-inch stroke, forty horse power motor that has ever been offered in America or Europe for less than $1,000. In power and flexibility it equals most of the sixes now on the market and, in quality it stands alone, for while the price has been reduced from $885 to $845, the car itself has been greatly increased in power, and size and quality, and wherever materials have been changed, better materials have been used. We urge every man in Wabash county, who expects to buy a car, to see this Studebaker first. For no other 4-cylinder car offers such dollar for dollar value.

Central Garage
Schmalzried & Sell, Props.
213 East Main Street

Source: EN-EM (1917) Ad:

Studebaker            Briscoe
Central Garage
Best Service    Best Equipment   Lowest Prices
Make Our Place Your Headquarters
Phone Us Your Needs Day or Night.
Briscoe               Studebaker

Source: Notarized Declaration, Wabash County Partnership & Firm Record, Book 1, p. 16:

No date; circa November 1921. This is to certify that Charles Jones & Elva C. Cullen are associated together as partners, and doing business under the firm and style of the Central Garage at North Manchester in Wabash County, Indiana, and that the said Charles Jones & Elva Cullen both reside at North Manchester, said county and state.