Source: The Manchester Republican, June 26, 1873

--A new invoice of the best brands of cigars just received at Blickenstaff's.

Source: The Manchester Republican, February 12, 1874

DANIEL in tobaccos, cigars &c. Mr. L. commenced his present business about one year ago, but he has been identified with the mercantile interests of the town for the past 23 years. The enterprise of which he is the representative, is rather a new feature for a town of this size, but he has nevertheless proved it a success. His stock of cigars and tobacco is large and complete, and embraces some of the very best brands in the market. Pipes and pouches and in fact everything pertaining to an establishment of this kind is well represented. The enterprise is a model one, and Mr. L. is the very man to make it a success.

Source: North Manchester Journal, February 8, 1883

The best 5c cigar in town at H. Mills.

Source: North Manchester Journal, January 14, 1897

Lunch, cigars, fruits and confectionary--the best in town--at Tilman's restaurant.