Source: North Manchester Journal, September 9, 1909 Ad:

If You Want the Best For the Money...
Buy a "High Art Suit Or Overcoat."

Guaranteed to Give Satisfaction or Your Money Back.
Conradt & Boots.
Agents for Florsheim shoes, Kingsbury hats, Holeproof Sox, "High Art" men's clothing,
Xtragood boys' suits and overcoats.

Source: North Manchester Journal, September 9, 1909

We honestly believe we have the best lines of all wool suits made for the money. --Conradt & Boots.
We carry a complete line of common sense shoes that are stylish as well as comfortable. --Conradt & Boots.
Don't pinch up your feet. Buy shoes to fit you. All Florsheim shoes are foot fitters. --Conradt & Boots.

Source: North Manchester Journal, October 7, 1909 Notice:

Charles Boots is making a round of the neighboring towns this week showing a line of samples of the clothing carried at the Conradt & Boots store. He is visiting South Whitley, Silver Lake and Roann.