Source: News-Journal, August 16, 1973, Centennial Section

DeLaughter Mortuary Started 1968

DeLaughter Mortuary has been providing mortuary and ambulance services to the North Manchester area since Jan. 15, 1968.

The business is owned and operated by Darwin DeLaughter with some assistance from his wife, Valeria. DeLaughter also has one man for full time help and four who work on a part-time basis. Several other men are also available for emergency ambulance calls.

DeLaughter provides an ambulance service 24 hours a day. He indicates "the ambulance business is really a service we can provide to the community. We believe people have a right to expect fast service in emergencies and we provide the service even though many communities are forced to be without ambulance service because of the cost."

"Last year we made 225 ambulance runs. We have two ambulances available and there were 15 times when both of them were on different calls at the same time."

"We are registered with the state and have been trained to provide emergency first aid treatment ranging from helping with small cuts to providing heart massage. We can be at the Wabash County Hospital 10 minutes after we leave town."

DeLaughter Mortuary also provides a community service by loaning hospital beds, wheel chairs, walkers, patient lifts and other hospital equipment for area residents.

DeLaughter graduated from the Indiana College of Mortuary Science in Indianapolis in 1961. In addition to time in the service he has had 12 years experience as a mortician including five years of operating his own business.

He describes his job as providing a service for others. "We expect to inconvenience ourselves to provide convenience for others. We really appreciate the way this community has received us for the past five years. We hope we can continue to earn their trust in the coming years."

Even though the funeral home was rather new when the DeLaughter's purchased it in 1968, numerous changes have been made to aid in its convenience.

Two paved parking lots are now available for customers. These lots have been recently lighted for evening convenience. Some remodeling has also been done to make extra space for the living area and for business.

DeLaughter added, "We have enough space for three different visitations to take place at the same time without people feeling crowded or uncomfortable. We can provide services for people without making them delay to suit our conveniences. We are in business to serve North Manchester."