Source: The Manchester Republican, September 7, 1872


ELIAS LOTZENHISER has recently opened a New Meat Market on the South side of Main street. He has the best of facilities for supplying the market, and thinks he can sell a little lower than the lowest.

Source: Aurora (1923) Ad:

to buy Quality Meats, both fresh and cured.
2 deliveries a day     Both phones

Source: Aurora (1925) Ad:

Fancy Meats   Quality Cuts
Specialty-Swift's Hams-Bacon

Mechanically cooled meats and refrigerator.
We suggest meats for all occasions.
Cleanliness     Service
Both Phones        Two Deliveries

Source: Aurora (1927) Ad:


The Lautzenhiser meat market is the oldest and the best equipped in the city. The large compressor and refrigerating room make it possible for meat to be kept in first class condition even in the warmest summer days.

A large amount of fresh meat may be prepared for market and kept on display by means of the modern display counters that have been recently installed in the market.

Lautzenhiser meat is of the best quality and all of it is home killed. Only the choice animals are accepted for slaughter. The entire fresh meat supply of the college dining hall is supplied by Lautzenhiser's Market, which is evidence of the fact that it is given the best of care.

Mr. Lautzenhiser and Mr. Leffel are the proprietors, both of them giving their entire time to the operation of the market on Main Street. Mr. Leffel has a son, Meredith, who is a student of M.C. and whom we all know.

Lautzenhiser's Grocery & Meat Market, 129 E. Main, N. Manchester ca. 1910

J.K. Lauzenhiser's Meat Market in 1910, located at 129 E. Main Street. Electric coffee grinder on the counter.

Pictured: Walt Leffel, Melissa Lautzenhiser, Edith Logan, Della Garber, Blanche Leffel, Herman Leffel, Meredith Leffel, Joe Lautzenhiser, and to the far right, Rev. Lloyd Douglas.


J.K. Lautzenhiser's Grocery, 129 E. Main, N. Manchester, ca. 1930s

J.K. Lautzenhiser's Grocery and Meat Market, located at 129 E. Main, N. Manchester, ca. 1930s. Walt Leffel and J.K. Lautzenhiser are standing behind the counter and to their right is J.K. Lautzenhiser, Jr.

J.K. Lautzenhiser & Co., Delivery Truck and Storefront in 1938, 129 E. Main St., North Manchester

J.K. Lautzenhiser & Co., North Manchester

J.K. Lautzenhiser & Co. in 1938, North Manchester

Source: Notarized Certificate of Business, Wabash County Partnership Book 1 (1941-1985), p. 54, May 23, 1945:

Joseph K. Lautzenhiser and Company
North Manchester
, Indiana
Walter W. Leffel

 The undersigned hereby certifies under oath that the partnership doing business under the name and style of Joseph K. Lautzenhiser and Company (sometimes known as J.K. Lautzenhiser and Company) heretofore consisted of Joseph K. Lautzenhiser and Walter Leffel, who have been the sole and only partners since said partnership was formed on the 7th day of May, 1909. And that Joseph K. Lautzenhiser has sold and conveyed all of his interest in said partnership to Walter Leffel, who is now the sole owner of said business, doing business under the name and style of Joseph K. Lautzenhiser and Company, otherwise known as J.K. Lautzenhiser and Company.

Source: Notice of Termination of Business Under Existing and Operating Name, Wabash County Partnership Book 1 (1941-1985), p. 54, August 19, 1953:

Notice is hereby given that the food market and grocery business heretofore operated by myself under the name of J.K. Lautzenhiser & Co. is no longer operative under such name, said business being in the future so operated under the name of LAUTZENHISER’S HOME STORE and all matters so pertaining to the business are henceforth so merged and assumed by said enterprise, as per certificate so filed herewith. [see below]

Walter Leffel.

 Source: Notarized Certificate of Partnership, Wabash County Partnership Book 1 (1941-1985), p. 266, August 19, 1953:

Lautzenhiser’s Home Store
Food Market & Grocery
129 E. Main Street, North
Manchester, Indiana
Herman J. Leffel, resides at 316 S. Maple St., North Manchester
Leo Leffel, resides at 129 ½ E. Main St., North Manchester
Laurence R. Leffel, Marine Corps, US Armed Forces

Advertising circa 1910 on Old Opera Curtain (After Restoration):

Advertising circa 1910 on old Opera Curtain (Restored), N. Manchester