Source: North Manchester Journal, January 18, 1894

For the best tiling in the market see M. Giek. He sells as low as the lowest and on terms to suit customers. Will also trade for wood.

Source: Notarized Declaration, Wabash Co. Partnership & Firm Record, Book 1, p. 12:

August 15, 1921. Emanuel W. Geik being duly sworn on oath says that he is the sole owner and proprietor and constitutes the sole member of a business conducted by him in Chester Township, Wabash County, Indiana, with post office address at North Manchester Indiana, in the name of North Manchester Tile Works and as such is engaged in the tile business, and he further certifies that there is no other person connected with him in the conducting of said business, who has a financial interest therein; that the only person having an interest in said business is Emanuel W. Giek and none other.