Source: North Manchester Journal, April 1, 1886

Harrell & Moloney wish to say to their customers that after April 4th, their customers will find them in the Winton room next door to Ridgley & Lower's drug store. Come one come all and enjoy a good shave and a neat hair cut. We have six new styles of hair cuts that we will open upon next Monday morning Ever your truest friends,

...Harrell and Moloney will soon move their barber shop into the Winton room just vacated by D.Y. Bunker. They propose to fix up the finest shop in this neck of the woods.

Source: North Manchester Journal, April 1, 1886

The fashionable resort for people wanting their hirsute appendages trimmed is Harrel & Moloney's parlors in the Winton block. Ladies' hair cut and dressed in the most fashionable manner.

Source: North Manchester Journal, October 7, 1886

Before you go to the grounds today don't neglect to drop in at Harrell & Maloney's barber shop on Main street and have your countenance put in the most presentable condition possible by these skillful artists. They are running four chairs this week and no one need wait but a moment till his time comes.