Source: New-Journal, April 1, 1937


The Harting Furniture Company is planning for a formal opening of the store in its new location in the Rufle building Saturday. The change was made recently and the new store presents a handsome appearance. Mr. Harting came to North Manchester four years ago, occupying a business room across the street from the Rufle building. The business has grown until larger quarters were needed and the change was made. The Rufle building was built by S.S. Gump especially for a furniture store. It has a wide frontage with large display windows, and abundant floor space to display furniture. There will be various entertainment features during the day and in the evening musical entertainment by three accordion players.

Harting Furniture Delivery Truck (1938)

Harting Furniture Truck Sign in 1938, North Manchester

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The Harting Furniture Company
The Friendly Furniture Store
"Our Low Overhead Means Low Prices to You"

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The Friendly Furniture Store
Quality Remains Long After the Price Is Forgotten
Phone 593-R-1
North Manchester      Indiana

Source: News-Journal, August 16, 1973 Centennial Section

40th Anniversary For Harting Furniture

The Harting Furniture Company observes its 40th anniversary in operation this year. The firm has been a family business ever since its beginning on January 18, 1933.

Harry B. Harting purchased a furniture store at 224 East Main Street and taught his son C. Byron Harting to merchandise furniture. The store's inventory was very short and one of the first concerns was to build up its stock.

The firm staged its first open house from April 1 to April 8, 1933. Get acquainted souvenirs were distributed to the first 300 women to visit the store and discounts were given on all items in the store. The store stayed open until 10 p.m. each evening and the reception of the community to the store was very warm.

As the business grew Earl Harting, a brother of Harry, was added to the staff. Due to a need for more space, the firm moved across the street to its present location at 231 East Main, in 1936.

Ralph Frey was added to the store's staff after Earl Harting left to work in a factory.

During World War II good furniture was a premium, but the Hartings managed to maintain good stock.

The firm continued to grow during the war years and Lloyd A. Warner became a partner in the store Jan. 1, 1946. Harry turned the store over to Byron and Lloyd to operate.

Mr. Harting died unexpectedly June 21, 1946 after he had helped operate the store for 13 years. His wife Katie, became a partner in the firm.

The firm continued its growth and Russell Hoover and Miss Martha Elliott were employed. Miss Elliott married Billy J. Spann after several years employment and Mr. Hoover remained until 1967 when he began with Peabody Seating. In the interim Katie Harting was married to James Carmon.

Lloyd Warner died July 1, 1967 and Byron's son Von eventually purchased shares in the store from Mrs. Warner. In October of 1971 Kent B. Harting also joined the firm and it has taken on many new lines of merchandise and expanded the floor area.

Today Mr. and Mrs. Byron Harting, and their sons, Von and Kent, continue a family tradition begun some 40 years ago, through good service and fair dealing, they have established many friends in the community and continue to be an asset to the business district.

Source: North Manchester Chamber of Commerce Booklet (1986)

The Harting Furniture Co.
Jct. St. Rds 13 & 114
North Manchester, Indiana 46962

53 Years Experience...Just for You!
We offer a complete line of furniture, carpet, TV and appliances...
Harting Travel Trailer Sales and Service
Complete line of Camping Supplies
Water Beds and many others!

Source: North Manchester Chamber of Commerce Business Directory (2012)

Since 1933
Furnishings for the Home
Complete Floor Covering

Junction State Roads 13 & 114