Source: News-Journal, March 4, 1940

The late Fred Horne, who for many years operated a machine shop on West Main street where the Reahard implement store now is located, had only one eye. Many people never knew how he lost the sight in the other eye. The story was told by C.H. Olinger Saturday. It was recalled by the story in The News-Journal last week telling of C.G. Frantz sawing off his thumb recently and of how many years ago he had shot off a finger of the other hand. John Olinger, who was with Mr. Frantz when his finger was shot off, also was involved in the Horne accident.

It occurred in the woods near the Leffel school house three miles southeast of Silver Lake. The Horne home was a mile west of the school house and the Olinger home was a mile east. The woods near the school house was a common playground for the youngsters, and one of the games was to break a brittle stick on the trunk of a tree and see how far the end of the stick would fly. On this occasion Olinger struck a stick against a tree trunk and the end flew some distance through the air and hit Horne in the eye. It was necessary to remove the eye.

Although Fred Horne went through life with only one eye, he could see out of the other eye better than most people with normal sight. He was one of the best and most ingenious mechanics ever in North Manchester. His machine shop was known for many miles around North Manchester, and he could repair anything from a threshing machine engine to a sewing machine. Many of his repair jobs were possible only because experience had taught him the way to do it. Mr. Horne is dead, but his widow, Mrs. Mattie Horne, lives near Silver Lake with her sister, Mrs. H.G. Groninger. Oliver Fox was at one time a partner of Mr. Horne.

Source: North Manchester Journal, June 16, 1910 Ad:

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Advertising (at bottom middle) circa 1910 on Old Opera Curtain (After Restoration):

Advertising circa 1910 on old Opera Curtain (Restored), N. Manchester