Source: North Manchester Journal, July 13, 1905

Dr. John Mathews of Bourbon who has been at the fair grounds with some race horses, has decided to bring all his horses to this place.

Source: North Manchester Journal, January 14, 1896

Robert L. and Others

The tri-county fair association, which owns the finest fair grounds in the state, and holds annual exhibitions at this place which are successful to a wonderful degree, has caused North Manchester to become headquarters for some of the best trotting and heavy draft stallions in the country. Conspicuous among these, as a trotting sire, is Robert L., record 2:26. This famous horse is owned by Mr. David Whisler, of North Manchester, and is the sire of "Lady Robert," 2:21 1/4; "Violet L.," 2:34 trotting, and 2:13 pacing, besides a number of other good ones that have won high honors in trotting and pacing circles.

Mr. Whisler also has in his stables "Abdallah Woodford," "Meal Ticket" and "Gallant Topsman." The two first named are trotting sires and rank high in breeding circles. "Gallant Topsman" is an ideal heavy draft stallion, weights 1,000 pounds, and has more good colts to his credit than any horse in his class in Indiana. Every horse above named is standard bred, and as good as rich blood and intelligent breeding can make them.

Mr. Whisler deserves much praise for the enterprise he has shown in grouping here in North Manchester a stable of such excellent horses, and farmers and stockraisers should not be slow to show their appreciation of Mr. Whisler's efforts in the direction of discouraging the breeding of "plug" horses.