Source: North Manchester Journal, October 13, 1904 Ad:

Humbert & Shaw.

Dry Goods, Cloaks and Notions.
Cotton and Wool Blankets.
New Waists and Skirts.
Ladies' Hosiery and Underwear.

Lively Days Are Ahead!
Business will boom! Thirty-five hundred people in North Manchester alone, to say nothing of the surrounding population, must lay in their fall supplies.
Where to Go, What to Get, How to Make a Modest Income, Cover the Needs of a Growing Family?
These problems must be solved at once. No time to wait. Colder weather is just around the corner. Heavier wraps, furs and underwear may be needed any day. We do not assume to dictate. All we can do is to say plainly what we know of in our store--that we show a grand assortment in every department--that we carry only reliable brands of good merchandise and that our prices are invariably the lowest, quality considered, of any store in this city. All these points coupled with the fact that we're here to make any short comings right makes this store an ideal shopping place.

Humbert & Shaw

Source: Aurora (1910) Ad:

Dry Goods, Cloaks, and Notions
Fine Dress Goods a Specialty