Source: Aurora (1925) Ad:

"The Bank That Helps"

Capital and Surplus -- $116,000.00
Under State Supervision.
Owned and Controlled by Home People.
This Bank is ready to give you courtesy, security and service. The small account will be given the same attention
as the large. one. The officers invite you and solicit your business.
4% Paid on Time Deposits and Savings Accounts.
CALVIN ULREY, President.
ALVIN L. ULREY, Vice President
A.I. URSCHEL, Cashier.

Source: Aurora (1927) Ad:


The Indiana State Bank was organized in our city twenty-six years ago. It has, at present, a capital of $100,000.00 and a surplus of $20,000.00, and has the largest deposits of any of North Manchester's banks.

The Indiana State Bank is truly a "Home Bank for Everybody" as its slogan suggests, because it is owned and controlled by home people.

Calvin Ulrey, President, A.L. Ulrey, Vice President, A.I. Urschel, Cashier, Edyth Kircher, Assistant Cashier, Kathryn Kircher and Arthelia Keffaber make up the personnel of the bank and they are all our friends and boosters.

Indiana State Bank, founded in 1901, was located at 207 East Main Street,  west of the Crystal Theatre in the building (with balcony) on right side of photo:

Indiana State Bank, west of the Crystal Theatre

R. Ned Brooks and Donald L. Jefferson, REMEMBERING NORTH MANCHESTER INDIANA IN THE 1930s & 1940s, pp. 13-14--

207 East Main St.  -- After the fire of 1885, the G.A.R. in 1886 completed building a second floor over one-story buildings that extended ove3r 205, 207 and 209 East Main Street for their lodge. Their emblem is still on the building currently occupied  by the Moose Lodge. The G.A.R. sold the second floor to the Moose Lodge in 1921. The Indiana State Bank was listed here in the 1923 phone book.

This address is now part of a two front building that includes the next address, but in the 1920s it was a single storefront. The Indiana State Bank occupied this address in the 1920s. On September 23, 1929 the Indiana State Bank and the Lawrence national Bank merged and formed the Indiana Lawrence Bank & Trust Company. When the banks reopened after the depression  bank holiday, the Union Trust Company (started October 11, 1913) was absorbed by the surviving bank, according to a February 22, 1932 News Journal article.

At the beginning of our study, Calvin Ulrey was president of the merged banks, but "Ad" Urschel was president for most of the 1930s and 1940s. Mildred Heeter, who later got the much-deserved recognition of Vice President, ably assisted Ad.

This address was a single storefront until it was combined with 205 East Main Street by the Indiana Lawrence Bank and Trust Co., the surviving bank from the merger of the three banks in town during the depression. The Indiana Lawrence Bank modernized this two-storefront building and made it a singlewide, marble-faced front in the early 1930s, the beginning of our study. The Loyal Order of Moose occupied the second floor of the bank building. After our study period, the bank moved to Market Street and the Loyal Order of Moose bought the building and moved to the ground floor, where it is still located at this writing.

The Wabash County Directory shows J.H. Bonner and son's Furniture Store at this address in 1915. George N. Bender was the store manager and undertaker. Around 1921, Mr. Bender bought the business and moved it to the west end of the street.

Source: Ravelings (1942) Ad:

Each Account Insured
Resources $2,000,000,000