Source: The Manchester Republican, February 19, 1874

JOHN SHALLENBERGER has been in business here longer than any other man. He came to the neighborhood in 1837, went to California in 1850, where he spent 2 years in the gold diggings. Shortly after his return he commenced business in Manchester. He is a practical surveyor, and can tell you all about the "lay of the land" in this part of the county. At present, he is engaged in butchering and selling groceries. He informs us, however, that he expects to close out his groceries and give his undivided attention to his meat market. "Shallenberger's corner" will long remain one of the landmarks in Manchester.

Source: The Manchester Republican, June 26, 1873

ARCTIC MEAT MARKET. Shallenberger has one of Fisher's best patent meat safes in his meat market, at his old stand, where you can find the best quality of fresh meat at all times. Good Lard, Butter, Fruit, Berries, &c., wanted.--The highest price paid for fat cattle, sheep, hogs, &c. --JOHN SHALLENBERGER
No more Sunday butchering at Shallenberger's shop. He has one of the most perfect refrigerators in his meat shop we ever saw. It was built by William Southerland a former citizen of this county, and will reduce meat, or whatever may be placed in the vault, to within eight degrees of freezing, and by throwing salt on the ice, water may be frozen. The vault is large enough to hold a dozen men. The ice is placed above, and is so arranged that there is no leading of water into the lower room, the air of which is in constant motion, and is so dry that matches which have been soaked in water will be dry enough for use in a few hours. The invention is certainly good and practical too. One can keep meat in it forever, if he can't sell it sooner, and the ice don't all melt.

Source: The Manchester Republican, December 4, 1873

--John Shallenberger has just bought several head of fine corn fed cattle, which he is selling by the pound or hundred weight, at bottom prices.

Source: the Manchester Republican, April 10, 1873