Source: The Manchester Republican, July 3, 1873


Kinney & Wilson, manufacturers and dealers in boots and shoes, occupy two rooms on the north side of Main street. Their sale-room is in front, where they keep a fair stock of eastern work. They work four or five hands on custom work and repairing. They have a neat establishment, and do a fair amount of business.

Source: The Manchester Republican, February 19, 1874

KINNEY & WILSON, manufacturers and dealers in boots and shoes, occupy the room immediately west of Swindell's. Mr. Kinney has been engaged in the business here since 1861, and about one year ago the present partnership was entered into. Mr. Wilson has lived all his life in this place. They are both excellent, practical workmen; and though they employ several hands, they roll up their sleeves and go to work as hard as any jour [i.e. journeyman]. They make all grades of work from a lady's slipper to a cow hide boot, in a neat and durable manner.