Source: Aurora (1935) Ad:

Delivered Daily to Our Store
N. Manchester, Ind.
R.E. Ferree, Mgr.

Source: News-Journal, April 13, 1936


The Kroger Grocery & Baking company has leased the Jennings store room, the lease being signed Friday morning. The company had an option on the room for several weeks, but the deal was not concluded until last week. Complete new fixtures will be installed in the building, and it is the hope to have a formal opening on Saturday, May 9. The store will be modern in every detail, and with a larger room and storage, more stock will be carried. The move is being made partly because of a larger room, and also to get away from congested traffic conditions on Walnut street. The Jennings building is on the corner of Market and Main, and thus there are two wide streets adjacent to the store. The store in the present location will be open until the new place is ready.

The Jennings building was constructed for grocery purposes by the late J.M. Jennings and his son, William Jennings. It was operated continuously as a grocery until the death of Mr. Jennings a few months ago. Since then Mrs. Jennings has disposed of most of the stock, but the store has not been open all of the time.

Kroger Grocery, corner Market & Main Streets, North Manchester

Kroger Grocery, corner Market & Main St, N. Manchester