Source: Notarized Certificate of Partnership, Wabash County Partnership Book 1 (1941-1985), p. 92, August 23, 1946:


Laketon Marl & Gravel Company

Sale of Gravel and Marl

Laketon, Indiana

Firm Members/Partners:

Gale D. Ireland, Laketon, Indiana

Orland H. Yoxsimer, resides at 603 Coleman Road, Mansfield, Ohio


Source: Notarized Certificate Concerning Dissolution of Partnership and of Conducting Businesses under Assumed Names, Wabash County Partnership Book 1 (1941-1985), p. 92, March 29, 1950:


Come now Gale D. Ireland, of Wabash County, Indiana, and Orland H. Yoxsimer, of Richland County, Ohio, who, being duly sworn according to law, hereby certify and give notice that certain partnership agreements between the undersigned have been dissolved, and they hereby, separately and severally, certify and give notice that the undersigned no longer are associated together as partners or otherwise in the operation of and doing business under the name and style of LAKETON MARL & GRAVEL CO. or LAKETON MARL & GRAVEL COMPANY, LTD. or as ECONOMY GARAGE & WELDING SHOP, at Laketon, Wabash County, Indiana.


Source: Ravelings (1952) Ad:


Laketon Marl and
Gravel Corporation

Laketon, Indiana
Addison Krom   Phone 691