Source: Wabash County Directory for 1894, Display Ad:

AUG. C. MILLS, pres., J.M. CURTNER, Vice-Pres., J.W. MILLS, Cashier
Capital & Surplus, $60,000
THE LAWRENCE National-Bank
North Manchester, Ind.

Source: North Manchester Journal, January 14, 1897

Lawrence National Bank

No town or city having a population equal to that of North Manchester could dispense with home banking institutions and escape serious inconvenience as well as absolute loss. They are the life-blood, so to speak, of the trading community and business would languish and die if deprived of their presence and support. One of the first requisites to the business health of a city is a solid banking institution where money accumulated in trade may find a safe place of deposit or a reliable medium of exchange. Such an institution has given surety and stability to the commercial interests of North Manchester for many years. We refer to the Lawrence National Bank, which is the outgrowth of the Eel River Valley Bank, founded in 1883 by the late George W. Lawrence and Mr. A.G. Mills. In 1886 it was merged into the Lawrence National Bank, which today is one of the soundest financial institutions in the country.

The present officers of the bank are John Curtner, president; John Domer, vice-president; John Mills, cashier; C.L. Arthur, assistant cashier. Hon. Calvin Cowgill, Leslie Stephenson, Mrs. Jennie C. Lawrence, John Curtner and John Domer comprise the board of directors. All of the parties above named have large property interests and are well and favorably known for their conservative business habits.

The capital stock of the Lawrence National Bank is $50,000, with a surplus fund of $10,000. The officers from president down to assistant cashier are gentlemen in every way worthy to assume the responsible duties incumbent upon each. The cashier, Mr. John Mills, has been connected with the bank in his present capacity for a number of years and is regarded as one of the most careful, accurate and efficient accountants in the state.

The Lawrence National Bank has proved its soundness and stability on all occasions, meeting all demands and keeping the reserve fund above the legal limit. The bank owns the building in which it is located and it may be said without fear of contradiction that there are few finer or more conveniently arranged bank buildings in the state. It is equipped with fire-proof vault and time lock safes, which render its financial security double sure.

Source: Aurora (1925) Ad:

The Lawrence National Bank
North Manchester, Indiana

"The Bank of Complete Personal Service"
Founded 1882
Capital and Surplus $140,000.00
Deposits over Half a Million.
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