Source: Certificate of Business, Wabash County Partnership Book 1 (1941-1985), p. 395, June 6, 1961:


Lee Home Furnishings

Furniture and Floor Covering – Wall Covering

224 East Main Street, North Manchester, Indiana


Arden R. Coon and Leala M. Coon, resides at 1407 North Market, N. Manchester, Indiana



Notice of Dissolution of Firm, Lee Home Furnishings. See Wabash County Partnership Book 1 (1941-1985), p. 395, December 27, 1983.


Source: Certificate of Firm or Partnership Engaged in Business Under Name Other Than Own, Wabash County Partnership Book I (1941-1985), p. 539, December 28, 1983


Lee Home Furnishings

Floor Covering

Box 329, 607 East Sixth Street, North Manchester, IN


Robert K. Simcoe, resides at 607 East Sixth Street, No. Manchester, IN