Source: News-Journal, August 16, 1973, Centennial Section

Lois's Fabrics Serves German Baptist Population

What do you do when a man comes in a fabric shop with a list that says "brown buttons"? Do you give him large or small, light brown or dark brown?

That is one of the many concerns of Lois Gish, owner of Lois's Fabrics.

"The German Baptist people in the North Manchester area have special clothing that was not readily available to them until 1970," said Lois, a German Baptist. The Gish Country Store started at her home in 1970. The business outgrew the room at her home. Gish Country Store moved to town in 1972 and became Lois's Fabrics.

Since moving to Main Street, she has doubled the amount of zippers, tripled the amount of buttons, and increased the fabric selection.

At the country store two thirds of her customers were German Baptists. The number of customers has increased to such proportions that German Baptists make up a third of the total customers she now serves.

Lois' Fabric Center was located between The Squire Shop and Jerome's, on the south side of Main Street.

South Side of Main Street, North Manchester