Source: Aurora (1921) Ad:

Bonnets and Prayer Coverings Made to Order
We carry a full line of
Straw Cloth, Braids, Fancy Silk Nets, Brussels Net and Illusion
Our catalog contains sample card of our braids and draping materials, and a picture folder showing many illustrations of our bonnets from actual photographs.
The Fall and Winter catalog will be out September 15th.
North Manchester, Indiana

Source: Aurora (1925) Ad:

Our specialty
Made-to-order Bonnets and Prayer-coverings.
We are offering to our trade a complete line of millinery merchandise of the Best Quality.
Write for our Free Catalogue.
Manchester Bonnet Co.

Source: Aurora (1927) Ad:

The Manchester Bonnet Co.

The Manchester Bonnet Company is owned and operated by Mrs. E.G. Butterbaugh and Franc L. Moyer. It has been serving the people of our college and church and city for fifteen years.

The company makes a specialty of made-to-order bonnets and prayer-coverings. Besides, a complete line of millinery merchandise is carried in stock. This is a prominent and dependable millinery shop and is recognized throughout the country as the leading concern carrying a line of Bonnets and Coverings as worn by members of the Church of the Brethren.

Source: Aurora (1939) Ad:

Mae Frantz Bonnet Shop
North Manchester, Indiana
Formerly The Manchester Bonnet Company
Write for free catalog