Source: News-Journal, August 16, 1973, Centennial Section

Builder of Award Winning Floats Builds Houses

Question: Which float won first price in the Fun Fest Parade in 1972? Answer: Historical Society's Covered Bridge.

Question: Who built the Covered Bridge Float? Answer: Richard D. Frantz of Manchester Builders.

Even though building floats is not Frantz's specialty, he has been in the building business since 1946. He was in heavy construction from 1950 to 1957. He went into business with a partner in 1957 under the name of Modern Builders. The prime concern at that time was residential building. Modern Builders was located where Sears is now.

In 1964, Frantz purchased a building at 207 S. Sycamore and started a retail business with construction. The office and showroom moved to 209 S. Mill in 1970. The Sycamore building is currently the Carpet Store.

The current office and showroom at S. Mill has displays of kitchen cabinets. "We are currently specializing in kitchens and bathrooms," said Frantz. Appliances and aluminum product are sold.

Manchester Builders is a family business. A daughter, Janet Schenkel, is the bookkeeper. A son, Kevin, works on construction jobs.