Source: North Manchester Journal, January 14, 1896

Manchester Manufacturing Co.

The above company was incorporated in 1891, succeeding Myers & Noftzger. The present officers are S.A. Noftzger, president; L.J. Noftzger, treasurer, and C.F. Noftzger, secretary. The company which is equipped with a first-class foundry and machine shop, makes a specialty of manufacturing automatic boiler cleaners and feed water heaters and steam generators. The automatic boiler cleaner, a mechanical device far superior to anything of like character on the market, has a large sale and is endorsed by all who have used it as more than meeting the representations of its manufacturers. The feed water heaters and steam generators are without a peer in the mechanical world and in use in all parts of the United States. Evidence of the superiority of the goods manufactured by this company is found in the fact that it has at different periods in its history had as many as twenty men traveling in its interest at one time. The company maintains agencies for the sale of its products in New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Omaha, Denver, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and all of the other principal cities of the United States.

The Manchester Manufacturing Co. had an humble beginning, but it manufactures only articles that cannot be dispensed with in their particular sphere, and the result of this has been to build up in North Manchester an enterprise which is constantly gaining in importance and is destined to become one of the most important manufacturing plants in the state.