Source: News-Journal, August 16, 1973, Centennial Section

Maynard's Opens Doors In 1963 -- Maynards Men's Shop

Why would a grocery store owner change to a clothing store owner? Maynard Vollmer wanted more time with his family. He also wanted more time to pursue his hobbies of golfing and fishing.

Maynard's Men's Shop opened for business April 1, 1963. Men's clothing was the specialty of the store. At that time he was using half of the floor space he is presently using.

In 1964, he applied for and became the distributor of Boy Scout supplies. He has the distinction of being the only Boy Scout Distributor in Wabash county.

"Women do 70 percent of the shopping even for men," said Maynard. "Adding a women's line of clothing seemed like a natural thing to do," he added. In 1965, he added the Pendleton Jackets for women. That was the time he also began to open up the back part of his store. As he added sportswear for women, he added more floor space.

"Manchester people are fashion conscious," said Maynard. He carries items that represent current fashion trends. However, he is sensitive that some people like clothing that is not particularly the current fashion. He conscientiously likes to stock some items that are not particularly fashionable. However, he is finding it more difficult to buy older styles of clothing.

Extensive remodeling before the store opened included a new entrance, new floor, paneled walls and lowered ceilings.

Why a clothing store in North Manchester? He had worked in a clothing store in Warsaw during his high school days. North Manchester was significant to him because of two friends, Herb Priser and Byron Harting.

Priser worked for him until his death in 1972. Maynard credited Priser with introducing his store to the North Manchester Community.

Maynard shared his most embarrassing moment. This spring he forgot to send an order in for formal wear. He had taken his daughter to Florida when the incident came to light, the day of the wedding.

A bow tie was fashioned out of someone else's long tie as a result. He had received a phone call from his wife about the incident.

His error was rubbed in when he passed the bride and groom on route 75 enroute home. "I replaced the tie that was cut up," said Maynard.

Source: North Manchester Chamber of Commerce Booklet (1986)

Fine Ladies' and Men's Wear For Over 20 Years

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