Source: News-Journal, August 16, 1973 Centennial Section

McClure Realty a Personal Touch

If you like people and are interested in them, you might choose a real estate career as Marge McClure did. "I get emotionally attached to my clients and their homes," said Marge.

"Matching people and homes satisfactorily is like working a puzzle," she reported. One gets the feeling that Marge works hard to be sensitive to the needs of each of her clients. She works hard at being able to find a home which meets a particular client's lifestyle. "It is so rewarding to establish a family in a home they like," she noted.

Marge is an example of a woman who discovered her career as she was doing community volunteer work for the Chamber of Commerce. She began her "real estate" career unofficially in 1957. She was instrumental in assisting people who had moved to town with Controls. She enjoyed it so much and had encouragement from Tom Hackett, the Chamber president, to consider the real estate field as a career.

Other experiences led her naturally into real estate. legal terms were easy for Marge as she had worked in her father's Rochester law office at age 16. She did the routine bookwork for the properties and estates he handled.

Her first office was in husband Fred's feed and hardware store at 226 East Main. She chose that spot because it was free. Her real estate career was official in 1963.

Two years previous to her own office, she assisted another realtor in handling lake properties around Syracuse and North Webster. Now she handles many properties locally and state wide.

She also has sold some properties in other states by referral. Referral means that a North Manchester resident can tell Marge where one will be moving. She can make a contact in that state to another qualified realtor and get a listing. She then arranges for you to meet that realtor to see the property. Then, maybe the property is purchased and Marge has indirectly sold a house in Texas.

In 1967 she renovated Dr. Walrod's office at 109 N. Market. It was originally built by Dr. Lower in 1880.

Selling properties, residential, commercial, lake developments, and farms are an obvious part of Marge's business due to the "For Sale" signs one sees in the area. Other aspects of her work include selling new homes, appraising properties and giving financial advice.

The managing of more than 20 properties is another significant part of her work. Marge sees that the properties are rented, repaired and makes rental collections for the property owners who may or may not live nearby.

She feels women have been accepted into the real estate field easily. As proof of that fact, she relates that she has held offices in the Board of Realtors at the national, state, and local levels. She is presently secretary and treasurer of the local association and has also served as president.

Source: News-Journal, August 16, 1973 Centennial Section


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