Source: News-Journal, August 16, 1973, Centennial Section

McKinney's Start Successful Business in North Manchester

McKinney's Appliances & Electronics, 133 E. Main, is one of five McKinney stores in the area. Chuck Wiley manages the North Manchester Store which opened in 1971.

Other area McKinney stores are located in Peru, Wabash, Logansport and Marion. While each store operates independently they pool buying resources and use a 4,000 foot warehouse in Peru which has a back-up inventory for all stores.

It is also possible for stores to swap merchandise in the showrooms to give customers a wide selection of merchandise without going through the delay of special orders.

Charles McKinney, Peru, opened a shop 12 years ago and that repair shop has evolved into the five present stores. Later, brothers Jack and Wayne McKinney became involved and opened their own stores.

The McKinney brothers were featured in a four page story published in the fall issue of a Whirlpool dealers magazine.

The article stressed consumer savings which are available at the stores. The cleanliness of the showrooms was also pointed out.

Floor samples are dust free, in operating condition and are attractively displayed.

The national recognition, and local attention to the buying public, helps show why McKinney's has been a success in North Manchester.

McKinney's also handles RCA television and Hoover sweepers.

Source: News-Journal, August 16, 1973, Centennial Section

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