Source: Notarized Declaration, Wabash County Partnership & Firm Record, Book 1, p. 21:

March 4, 1922. William E. Billings being duly sworn upon his oath says that he is the sole owner and proprietor and constitutes the sole member of a business conducted by him at 112 East Main Street in the Town of North Manchester, in the County of Wabash and State of Indiana, in the name of News-Journal, and as such is engaged in the publication of a newspaper of general circulation in said town, County and State, and doing job printing and all other business connected with the publication of a newspaper and job printing business. He further certifies that there is no other person connected with him in the conducting of said business of the News-Journal or the publication of said newspaper or said job printing business who has a financial interest therein, that the only person having an interest in said business is himself and none others.

Source: Ravelings (1942) Ad:

The News-Journal
Roland Schmedel
E.B. Dunlavy

Source: Certificate of Business, Wabash County Partnership Book 1 (1941-1985), p. 531, December 30, 1982:

The News-Journal
112 West Main Street, North
Manchester, Indiana
Firm Members/Partners:
Weller Family Publishing Company Inc., 112 West Main Street, North Manchester