L.J. Noftzger & Co. Hardware, 135 E. Main St., North Manchester, circa 1870s

Noftzger Hardware, 135 E. Main St., N. Manchester

Source: The Manchester Republican, February 12, 1874

L. J. Noftzger & Co. is the style of one of our leading hardware houses, and an enterprise deserving of more than a passing notice in this resume of our business interests. This house established three years ago will today compare favorably with houses of like character in larger cities. The stock is large and complete, embracing everything in the line of builders and carriage makers material, stoves, tinware, etc. The saleroom is 70 feet in length by 22 in breadth. They also occupy the second. The building is three stories high, the upper story is devoted to hall purposes. This firm Mr. Noftzger and D.M. Frame, are well and favorably known to the public as honorable and upright citizens and thorough going business men. Mr. Noftzger has been a resident for the past five years. They are doing a leading business in their line, and there are none in the place more worthy of success.

Source: North Manchester Journal, February 1, 1883

L.J. Noftzger has sold Mr. A.R. Powell, his clerk, a partnership in the hardware business, and after today the style of the firm will be L.J. Noftzger & Co. All persons having accounts with L.J. Noftzger are requested to call and settle, as the books must be squared at once. Mr. Noftzger has made a good choice in selecting such a partner. Gus, is a man of push and energy, and the business will receive quite a stimulus by his accession.

Source: North Manchester Journal, May 10, 1883

L.J. Noftzger & Co., after a struggle that nearly exhausted all hands connected with the house, have succeeded in moving their hardware stock to their new rooms on the north side of Main street, where their customers will find the usual full stock, and some one ready to wait on them, with prices to suit. The moving of a fifteen thousand dollar stock of hardware is a big job, and things will be somewhat mixed for a time, but through the industry of all....

Source: North Manchester Journal, June 9, 1887

Noftzger & Co., have been busy moving their stock into the room across the street and moving away their store building this week preparatory to putting up a new business room. Both A.C. Mills and Dr. Goshorn will soon begin to build on their lots just east of Lawrence, Mills & Co's, store and will put up two very fine rooms.

Source: North Manchester Journal, May 22, 1890

Anyone intending to build will save money by getting prices of L.J. Noftzger & Son.

Source: North Manchester Journal, January 25, 1894 Ad:

Mr. Editor:

TELL THE BOYS...We can please them with Skates, Sled and Pocket Knives.
TELL THE GIRLS...We can furnish them the best Ladies' Skates, Curling Irons and Shears.
TELL THE MOTHER...We are leaders in Stoves, Non-Rusting Tinware, Oilcloth, and  Bissell's Carpet Sweepers.
TELL THE FATHER...That we can furnish Butchering Tools, Wood-Cutting Outfits and Bob-Sled materials at prices bound to be satisfactory.
TELL THEM ALL...That we wish them all a prosperous 1894.

 Source: Wabash County Directory for 1894, Display Ad:

L.J. NOFTZGER & CO., Dealers in Shelf and Heavy Hardware, HOUSE Furnishing GOODS and GRAIN AND SEEDS.
North Manchester, Indiana.

Source: North Manchester Journal, January 14, 1896

S.A. Noftzger & Co.

For twenty-five years the name of Noftzger has been associated with the hardware trade in North Manchester. The Noftzger hardware store was founded in 1871 under the firm name of L.J. Noftzger & Co., and continued as such until 1886, when it was changed to L.J. Noftzger & Son. In 1893 it again took up the old name of L.J. Noftzger & Co., which it carried until August, 1895, when the present firm, S.A. Noftzger & Co., was organized. During all these years, however, the Noftzger hardware store has been the leading institution of its kind in North Manchester, as it will continue to be so long as the Noftzger blood is in control. The members of the present firm are live business men who thoroughly understand the importance of keeping on good terms with the public. This they do by conducting their business on a liberal, progressive plan and keeping in stock only the best goods and selling the same at prices which invite patronage. Hardware of all kinds, including builders' supplies, paints, oils, glass, stoves, tinware may be found here in almost endless quantity and at prices which paralyze all competition.

A tinshop is conducted in connection with the hardware trade and orders for tin roofing, guttering or galvanized iron and tinwork of all kinds will receive prompt attention. None but first class workmen are employed in this department and all work is skillfully and satisfactorily executed.

Source: North Manchester Journal, January 14, 1896

Noftzger & Co. hauled several loads of galvanized cornice to Huntington last week, where they have a job of that kind of work on the new U.B. college.

Source: North Manchester Journal, December 17, 1896

Noftzger & Co. made a shipment of cornice to Marion Tuesday for their soldier's home job.

Source: North Manchester Journal, September 2, 1909

A.H. Noftzger and wife, of Klamath Falls, Oregon, stopped in this city over Tuesday night with his brother, L.J. Noftzger. They were on their way to make a tour of Europe and will be gone several months. Mr. Noftzger has until recently been interested in many projects for the development of the country in southwestern Oregon but has recently closed out most of his holdings at a large figure, and will now take a rest from active business affairs by looking at some of the old country.