Source: Aurora (1928) Ad:

Electrically Hatched Chicks
Best in the World

Source: Notarized Certificate of Business, Wabash Co. Partnership & Firm Record Book 1, p. 110, December 29, 1928:

North Manchester Hatchery
North Manchester, Indiana
Firm Members/Partners:
Eli Stucky
, resides at Geneva, Indiana
N.A. Stuckey
, resides at Warren, Indiana
D.A. Baumgartner
, resides at North Manchester, Indiana

 Source: Notarized Partnership Agreement, Wabash Co. Partnership & Firm Record Book 1, p. 169, July 26, 1938:

This agreement made this twenty-sixth day of July, nineteen hundred and thirty-eight, witnesseth the partnership contract and understanding between Noah Stucky, Warren, Indiana and E.C. Stucky, Geneva, Indiana, and outlining the plan of doing business and the ownership of property belonging to said partnership for the purpose of conducting a chicken hatchery or hatcheries and any and all other feed, produce and marketing business that may be incident thereto. 

The name of said partnership shall be NORTH MANCHESTER HATCHERY. 

The parties hereto have contributed the amounts of each or notes to the said partnership as follows:

Noah Stucky $1500.00
E.C. Stucky  $1500.00
Total money paid into said partnership $3000.00.

 All profits and losses of the said partnership are to be borne at the same rate and in the same proportion as the investment in said partnership property; that is, to say, Noah Stucky, one-half (1/2); E.C. Stucky, one-half (1/2).

 This partnership shall endure and continue during the pleasure of the parties hereto.

Source: Notarized Partnership Certificate and Affidavit, Wabash Co. Partnership & Firm Record Book 1, p. 194, December 8, 1939:

 Earl E. Hinkle, being first duly sworn, upon his oath, deposes and certifies that NORTH MANCHESTER HATCHERY at North Manchester, Indiana, is an assumed business name, and that the business conducted under said assumed name is owned by the following individuals:

Noah Stucky of Warren, Indiana
Eli C. Stucky of Geneva, Indiana
Earl E. Hinkle, of North Manchester, Indiana

 And that they constitute all of the individuals owning said “NORTH MANCHESTER HATCHERY” and operate at North Manchester, Indiana, under said assumed name.

 That this certificate and affidavit is made by the said EARL E. HINKLE in his own behalf and in behalf of the individuals owning and operating said North Manchester Hatcher.

Source: Certificate of Business, Wabash County Partnership Book 1 (1941-1985), p. 19, October 22, 1942:

North Manchester Hatchery
Baby Chicks Hatchery and Feed and Poultry Store
North Manchester
, Indiana
Members of Firm/Partners:
Tressie Stucky as Admx of Noah Stucky, deceased, Warren, Huntington Co., Ind.
Earl Hinkle, resides at North Manchester, Ind.

Source: Ravelings (1942) Ad:

Everything for the Poultry Man
North Manchester Hatchery
Earl E. Hinkle, Mgr.