Source: North Manchester Journal, March 9, 1893

The JOURNAL is always pleased to mention any success that may attend our citizens in a business way, especially so in the case of D.C. Cripe as salesman for the North Manchester marble works. Mr. Cripe begun work for the company, November 18, 1891, and up to March 1, 1893, had sold about $12,000 worth of marble and granite monuments and such other work as they sell from their factory. This may be regarded as good work. He has taken orders for several large monuments which will be cut at the shop out of domestic stone from designs drawn by W.E. Thomas, foreman of the works. The shop is just now behind on some orders on account of failure to receive from abroad shipments of stock that has been ordered months ago. Annoyances happen in all classes of business, especially where so much is done as at that factory.`

Source: News-Journal, August 16, 1973, Centennial Section

Marble Company Started in 1906

North Manchester Marble Company, Inc., 228 E. Main, was incorporated by six partners in 1906.

The company began at 102 W. Main, moved to 114 Walnut and finally settled at its present location.

Uriah R. Howenstine eventually bought out the other partners and ran the business until his death.

Owen Smith, a Howenstine son-in-law, operated the firm during the 1930s, although the property remained under the ownership of the Howenstines.

Bert Howenstine replaced Smith during the 1940s and continued to operate the business until recently.

North Manchester Marble Company is now operated under the supervision of Mrs. B. Howenstine with four employees.

Stone engraving is not the chiseling process that many people imagine. A sandblasting process using carborunoum is used to engrave the the granite stone. The engraving is done in the shop and can be completed before a stone is set.

Source: North Manchester Journal, September 30, 1909

We Build For the Ages.
When you buy a monument you want something that not only looks good today, but that will look good and BE good a hundred years from now.
Quality of stone, depth of lettering, character of foundation and correct principles of construction are necessary to these results. Every job we do is guaranteed to have these requirements.
We build not only for the present but we build for the future.
North Manchester Marble Co.
A card will bring our salesman.

Source: Aurora (1910) Ad:

We have them in the latest, up-to-date designs.
Prices are RIGHT.
Why not get the BEST material?
Highest Class Workmanship in MONUMENTS
The North Manchester Marble Company
Corner Main and Mill Sts.