Source: Partnership Affidavit, Wabash County Partnership Book 1 (1941-1985), p. 392, May 4, 1961:


O.K. Barbershop

201 East Main Street, North Manchester, Indiana

Partnership Affidavit:

Pursuant to Acts 1909, Chapter 151, as amended by Act #1949 of the General Assembly of the State of Indiana, the following persons are engaged in a business partnership known as the O.K. BARBERSHOP, 201 East Main Street, North Manchester, Indiana:

Paul D. Evans, who resides at 604 West Fifth Street, North Manchester

Ted L. Baer, who resides at 227 ½ East Main Street, North Manchester


O.K. Barbershop/Main View Tavern.

Joe Urschel is standing below barber pole. Brady's is to the east; Main View is to the west (right). Circa 1946.