Source: North Manchester Journal, April 13, 1905

Business Bicycles
Bicycle Business.

Buying a bicycle now is usually a business proposition, because you need one in your business. Nothing can take it's place. If you need a wheel you should buy a good one. "Cheap Skates" won't do. they have been tried.

Crescents, Ramblers, Racycles, nationals and a few others

Have stood the test for fifteen years. We offer them to you today at reasonable prices. Remember Racycles are different from bicycles.

Sporting Goods Store  OLINGER & WARVEL

Source: North Manchester Journal, September 15, 1910

Excelsior motorcycles are good winners. Did you notice that? Olinger & Warvel sell them.

Charles Olinger and Jonas Warvel had the first automobile (Ford) dealership, at 114 E. Main.

Olinger-Warvel Ford Dealership, 114 E. Main, N. Manchester

In 1912 the Olinger and Warvel Ford dealership moved from their Main St. location to 205-207 Walnut Street, just North of where the Post Office is now located.

Olinger-Warvel Ford Dealership, 205-207 Walnut St.

Interior of Olinger-Warvel Ford Garage on Walnut Street, North Manchester.

Olinger-Warvel Garage, North Walnut St., N. Manchester

Olinger-Warvel Ford, Tent Sale, Walnut Street, North Manchester

Olinger-Warvel Tent Sale, Walnut Street Location