Source: The Manchester Republican, March 19, 1874, Notice:

Dissolution of Partnership, Manchester, Feb 8th.

Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore existing between Wm. Parmerlee and Asa Weeks in the blacksmithing business is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The books of the firm are in the hands of Mr. Weeks for immediate settlement, at his shop near the spoke and hub factory.

Source: North Manchester Journal, May _, 1900

Inherits a Fortune

William Parmerlee, for many years a resident and blacksmith in this city, has had an extraordinary streak of good luck recently and comes into a very comfortable fortune by the death of a brother in Preble county, Ohio. His brother was a banker and tobacco dealer of extensive means and left an estate said to be worth $114,000. Of this under his will Mr. Parmerlee, of this city, receives three-tenths, or nearly $35,000. This is not wholly unexpected by Mr. Parmerlee, who has made frequent visits to see his brother in the past year on account of his poor health, his brother having at different times assured him that he would remember him in his will. We understand that as soon as Mr. Parmerlee comes into possession of his fortune he will buy a farm and be prepared to spend the remainder of his days in comfort. We congratulate him on his good fortune.