Source: North Manchester Journal, Thursday, January 5, 1893

There came near being a disastrous fire in Mrs. Pugh's Variety Store on Wednesday night of last week. It will be remembered that she had the show windows decorated with cotton making a very pretty effect but a dangerous thing for fire. James Shock, one of the clerks, was sitting near the west window and struck a match to light a cigar. In a second the whole window was in a blaze but very fortunately the fire was put out before it had extended farther or did much damage except to the goods in the window. It is supposed that a spark from the match lodged in the cotton, Mrs. Pugh estimates her loss at from $25 to $30.

Source: North Manchester Journal, January 19, 1893

Our representative dropped in at the Variety Store yesterday morning and was much surprised to find that Mrs. Pugh had sold out and the invoice was in progress. The purchaser is Mr. G.R. Barratt, of Silver Lake, formerly of Disko. He is a well known young man in this section and is the son of C.O. Barratt, who was for many years the leading store keeper at Disko. Mrs. Pugh has not decided on her intentions for the future, but will probably not move away from this place.

Source: North Manchester Journal, January 11, 1894

Mrs. M.E. Pugh, formerly proprietor of the Variety store, is visiting her son and other friends in the city for the first time since she left it. She now resides at Crown Point.