Source: North Manchester Journal, September 30, 1909, Ad:

Wheat, Flour, Feed and Cement, Blocks and Bricks!
The Liberty Bird Flour Mills,

Of Liberty Mills, Indiana, Will Pay You the Very Highest Price for Wheat the Balance of the Crop Year as There Will Not be More Than Enough Wheat in This Vicinity to Supply the Demand for the Liberty Bird Flour, to Make Which the Mill Would Run Continuously if the Wheat Could be Bought. Phone Eel River 119 or if you cannot reach us by phone we will will without contract pay you the highest price of the section, for we need your wheat. Be friendly, call and exchange good will and wheat for the best we can give you in cash, flour or feed.
A WORD ABOUT THE "Liberty Bird" Flour. That is a Synonym for the Best Bread.
Bring some wheat in exchange for "Liberty Bird" flour and if it does not make as good or better bread than you can get from any other flour we will take back the unused flour and will look and talk pleasantly as we make good to your satisfaction.
NOTE--Why should you pay 15 cents more for a twenty five pound sack of spring wheat flour when it does not make an ounce more bread than "Liberty Bird," but it does absorb more water. At present prices you will pay twenty per cent. more for spring wheat flour or you will really get five loaves of bread from it where for the same price you will get six loaves from the "Liberty Bird."
...FEED...Our feed is surely good. In three days we sold twenty tons in six and eight ton lots to local, discriminating users. Get our prices and when you know that our feed is dirt free and a pure wheat product you will see the reason for its ready sale.
...CEMENT...We handle the very best (a new car now unloading). Call and we will interest you. We have books for free distribution on cement use. Ask for them when at mill.
Cement Blocks and Brick. We can save you money in this line. Look at our work when at mill. Would be pleased to figure with you on needs in cement, blocks or brick for your buildings.
Be Friendly! Call and Exchange Your Good Wheat For Like Quality.
Ask Any Up-To-Date Grocer For "Liberty Bird" if You Want the Best of His Flour Stock.
E.S. Rittenhouse, Liberty Mills, Indiana

Liberty Bird Flour Mill, Liberty Mills--

Liberty Bird Flour Mill, Liberty Mills, Indiana