Source: News-Journal, August 16, 1973, Centennial Section

George Scheerer Insurance Started 1963

During Fun Festival week many people think George Scheerer promotes parades as a full time job. While the volunteer hours Scheerer dedicates to the community equals that as many jobs, he operates an insurance agency on 114 W. Main for his occupation.

Scheerer entered the insurance business in Indianapolis in June of 1963. However he decided to return to a smaller community and started dealing life insurance in North Manchester in 1966.

For two years Scheerer operated his business from his home. He acquired office space when he purchased his Main Street location from the Dr. C. Eugene Cook estate in 1968.

A year later he expanded to include health insurance and variable annuities. He is licensed by the Securities Exchange Commission and the National Association of Security Dealers.

Scheerer completed his work toward becoming a Charter Life Underwriter in 1970. This year the agency expanded still further and now writes a full line of casualty insurance.

Scheerer sees the insurance business as being a part of the community and he dedicates his professional and private life to North Manchester.

Source: North Manchester Chamber of Commerce Booklet (1986)

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